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Top of the Box Office (2018)
Name the 20 highest grossing movies of 2018 according to worldwide box office grosses.
Tom Cruise 80's Movies
Name the 80's Movies in which Tom Cruise received an acting credit.
Harry Potter Screenshot Match: Prisoner of Azkaban
Pick the screenshot that matches the line shown.
Highest Grossing Superhero Movies
Name the highest grossing superhero movies.
Top of the Box Office (2017)
Place your bets now, how many movies on this list are part of a franchise?
Footballers in Movie Titles
Pick the Footballers in Movie Titles.
Biggest Opening Weekends in December
It's a good idea to let the Wookiee win at the box office, too.
Top of the Box Office (2010)
When in doubt, try a movie series or remake.
Highest Grossing Single Word Movies
Name the highest grossing single word movies at the U.S box office for the last 20 years.
Highest Grossing Movies (2016)
How many of these movies did you see?
Top of the Box Office (2016)
Bring on the complaints about how many of these movies are sequels or reboots.
Movie by Box Office Pun
Can you place each movie with the box office headline containing a pun or reference to the movie?
Highest Grossing Movies of 2007 by Tagline
Match the Highest Grossing Movies of 2007 to their tagline.
Highest Grossing Movies of 2006 by Tagline
Match the Highest Grossing Movies of 2006 to their tagline.
3 Flops, 1 Actor
These actors are just flopping around all over the place.
Harry Potter at the Box Office
Can you order the 'Harry Potter' films from highest to lowest grossing at the global box office?
Biggest Animated Franchises
Name the ten animated franchises with the largest box office grosses.
Highest Grossing Movies (2011)
If you can't remember anything that happened in 2011, you can just feel safe knowing it's likely you saw one of these movies.
Highest Grossing Movies (2010)
In 2010, the iPad was invented, and it's a wonder anyone went to the movies at all, after spending all their money on one.
Highest Grossing Movies (1999)
And to think, these were our new favorite movies at the turn of the century.
Highest Grossing Movies (1998)
Ah, 1998. Back when Adam Sandler movies were still funny.
Highest Grossing Movies (2008)
2008 included notable series, and also a few surprise hits.
Highest Grossing Movies (2014)
Prepare yourself for sequels, sequels, and more sequels.
Highest Grossing Movies (2003)
2003 is starting to feel like a long time ago, but we're pretty sure you'll remember at least of few of these films.
Highest Grossing Movies (1993)
It isn't that these movies are gross. They just made a lot of money.
Highest Grossing Movies (1992)
For those of you who remember when less than 75% of new films were sequels.
Highest Grossing Movies (1991)
How good is your movie memory?
Highest Grossing Movies (2000)
Here at Sporcle we've already started preparing for the pending Y3K disaster.
Tough Choices: Movies Edition
When it comes to movies, the only tough choice is usually whether or not to spend all of your money on popcorn.
Missing Word: Top Grossing Movies (1994)
Name the missing words from the highest grossing multi-worded movies of 1994.
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