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Strongest Link: Movies
Can you remove one Movie as the strongest link for each round and find the loser?
Natalie Portman Box Office Countdown
Can you select these films staring Natalie Portman in ascending order based on their worldwide box office earnings?
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Movies
Do you think this is how theaters sort out what they're playing?
Franchises on Top
Some of these franchises probably should have quit while they were ahead.
Missing Word: Top Grossing Movies (2015)
Can you identify the missing words from the highest grossing multi-worded movies of 2015?
20 Years of Animation
You can basically mark your years by Pixar films.
Top 100 Box Office Comic Book Movies
Name the Top 100 highest grossing Comic Book/Comic Strip Movie adaptations at the American Box Office.
Highest Grossing PG-13 Movies Slideshow
The box office pull of 13-year olds is probably far more powerful than we can comprehend.
Most Weeks to #1
Name these movies, which all took at least four weeks in theaters to hit #1 at the US box office.
5-Star Box Office Actors
These guys know a thing or 5 about acting.
'Twin' Movies at the Box Office
Sorry, this quiz isn't about Mary-Kate and Ashley or that '80s movie with Schwarzenegger and DeVito.
Highest Grossing Movies (2009)
You know, 2009 only features the top grossing movie of all time. No big deal.
Highest Grossing Movies (2008)
2008 included notable series, and also a few surprise hits.
Highest Grossing Movies (2006)
Has it really been 10 years since these films came out?
Highest Grossing Movies (2004)
You could say that America likes its sequels. And you would be right.
Highest Grossing Movies (2005)
This quiz has a refreshing lack of sequels considering the typical 'highest grossing' lists.
Highest Grossing Movies (2003)
2003 is starting to feel like a long time ago, but we're pretty sure you'll remember at least of few of these films.
Highest Grossing Movies (2002)
If you don't remember the film, you'll at least recognize a few of these iconic characters.
Highest Grossing Movies (2000)
Here at Sporcle we've already started preparing for the pending Y3K disaster.
30 Highest Grossing Actors
These actors' movies have made so much money they might as well start their own bank.
5-Star Movies II
Who ever heard of a 6-star movie anyway?
12x12 Sorting Gallery
Someone told us this quiz was 'gross' but we're not sure why.
Top Grossing 'M' Movies
Mmmmm, 'M' movies.
Waiting for the Sequel...
Aw, shoot! Why'd it have to be a cliff-hanger?! Now we have to wait 10 years.
Top 25 Grossing Franchises
Some of these movies really didn't need a sequel.
Missing Word: Top Grossing Movies (2006)
Name the missing words from the highest grossing multi-worded movies of 2006.
Top 15 Opening Weekends
If top grossing movies teach us anything, it's that variety is the spice of life.
A Century of Film: Top 300 Grossing Actors
We said top grossing actors, not top gross actors. That would be a completely different list.
Top 10 Box Office Stars (1930s)
Name the top ten box office stars of the 1930s, as voted by movie exhibitors.
Top 10 Box Office Stars (1940s)
In the 1940s, movie tickets cost a nickel, and in those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on 'em. Give me five bees for a quarter, you'd say...where were we again?
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