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Avengers: Infinity War - The Infinity Stones
Infinity Gauntlet not included.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Movies
Can you sort the 100 Movies items in this 1 to 10 to 1 sorting gallery?
Top Grossing 'J' Movies
It's up to you to decide if these box office earnings were justified.
Hangman - Box Office
Name the Box Office Top 20 movie (90s) in this hangman style quiz (See 'How to Play' for details).
I'll give you 100%
Name the I'll give you 100%.
12x12 Sorting Gallery
Someone told us this quiz was 'gross' but we're not sure why.
Highest Grossing Movies (2016)
How many of these movies did you see?
'Twin' Movies at the Box Office
Sorry, this quiz isn't about Mary-Kate and Ashley or that '80s movie with Schwarzenegger and DeVito.
5-Star Movies II
Who ever heard of a 6-star movie anyway?
'Avengers: Infinity War' 7-to-1
Can you match each answer with the group in which it belongs?
Movie Anagrams
1st Century of Film: Top 300 Grossing Movies
Movie popcorn is just a-maize-ing.
Top 10 Box Office Stars (2000s)
To get ahead at the box office, it helps to be a little crazy.
20 Years of Animation
You can basically mark your years by Pixar films.
Missing Word: Top Grossing Movies (2000)
Name the missing words from the highest grossing multi-worded movies of 2000.
Headless Movie Posters
Let's face it, sometimes it's just hard to get a head.
Lilo & Stitch Character Poster
Name the Disney characters on this Lilo & Stitch poster.
5-Star Box Office Actors II
We think these actors deserve more than 5 stars.
Top Grossing 'B' Movies
Top grossing bee movies would be a much shorter list.
Top Grossing 'A' Movies
Apparently, people really love their singing rodents.
Top Grossing 'F' Movies
They may start with F, but these movies are the top of the top.
Highest Grossing Movies (2010)
In 2010, the iPad was invented, and it's a wonder anyone went to the movies at all, after spending all their money on one.
Highest Grossing Movies (1998)
Ah, 1998. Back when Adam Sandler movies were still funny.
Top Grossing 'C' Movies
People came out in big numbers to 'C' these films.
Top 10 Box Office Stars (1950s)
They had to make enough money to buy all those sharp suits.
Top 10 Box Office Stars (1980s)
In reality, hairspray and synthesizers were the real stars of the '80s.
MCU Films by Opening Box Office
Name the MCU Films by their opening box office earnings.
5-Star Box Office Actresses II
This is one star-studded quiz.
Top Movie Franchises
Sometimes a sequel is necessary to complete the story line, other times it is necessary to help a studio executive pay off his yacht.
5-Star Box Office Actors
These guys know a thing or 5 about acting.
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