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1st Century of Film: Top 300 grossing movies
Name the top 300 grossing films from the 1st Century of commercial cinema (adjusted for inflation).
5-Star Box Office Actors II
We think these actors deserve more than 5 stars.
5-Star Box Office Actresses
These may not be their most critically acclaimed movies, but we love them all the same.
Box Office Top 20: Animations
If you draw a blank on this quiz, grab a pencil and sketch out your answers. Then do that 2,159 more times.
5-Star Box Office Directors
We'd like to direct your attention over to this quiz.
5-Star Box Office Actors
These guys know a thing or 5 about acting.
5-Star Movies II
Who ever heard of a 6-star movie anyway?
5-Star Box Office Actors III
The actors might be 5 star, but we'll let you decide if their movies are.
Box Office Blitz: Star Wars or Not?
Can you name whether these box office records are held by a movie in the Star Wars franchise (S) or not (N)?
Movies That Took Your Money
The appeal of these movies is not grossly exaggerated. They were really that successful.
5-Star Box Office Actresses II
This is one star-studded quiz.
All-Time Box Office
Looking over this inflation adjusted all time U.S. movie gross list, I can't help but wonder how cheap popcorn must have been back in 1939.
The Office: 7-to-1
Pick the correct members of these following categories.
52 Weeks of Comedy Movies
Assuming, of course, that you only go to the theater to see one comedy movie per week.
Top 100 Box Office Comic Book Movies
Name the Top 100 highest grossing Comic Book/Comic Strip Movie adaptations at the American Box Office.
12x12 Sorting Gallery
Someone told us this quiz was 'gross' but we're not sure why.
A Century of Film: Top 300 Grossing Actors
We said top grossing actors, not top gross actors. That would be a completely different list.
Highest-Grossing Movie By Month (2001-10)
This quiz is really gross.
Top Movie Franchises
Sometimes a sequel is necessary to complete the story line, other times it is necessary to help a studio executive pay off his yacht.
Box Office Top 20 (1990s)
If you had a screaming kid in your movie in the '90s, you might as well have been printing money.
Highest Grossing One-Word Movie Per Letter
Apparently, Hollywood needs to step up their game with Q and Y movies.
Wiki Movies Picture Click
Please don't go off and edit these Wikipedia pages just so your wrong answers will become right.
Movie Anagrams II
Can you name things from all realms of Movies when given these mixed words?
'Twin' Movies at the Box Office
Sorry, this quiz isn't about Mary-Kate and Ashley or that '80s movie with Schwarzenegger and DeVito.
Top of the Box Office (2015)
Bring on the sequels.
Top Grossing Movies of 2008 by Picture
2008 included notable series, and also a few surprise hits.
Highest Grossing Movies (2014)
Prepare yourself for sequels, sequels, and more sequels.
Profitable or Not?
Pick the movies that were (P)rofitable (made more at the worldwide box office than their Box Office Mojo listed budget) and those were (N)ot profitable.
Top Grossing 'C' Movies
People came out in big numbers to 'C' these films.
Tough Choices: Movies Edition
When it comes to movies, the only tough choice is usually whether or not to spend all of your money on popcorn.
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