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Do They Share A Neighbor? II
Can you tell if the two countries given share a common bordering country or not?
Go with the Flow: Europe
If you'd never considered arranging a continent into a flow chart before, you definitely will after playing this.
Click the 'B' Bordering Countries
The countries in this quiz are everywhere you want to 'B'.
China's Borders by Flag
Pick the countries that border China by their flag.
Europe: Four-Border Countries
Sorry Iceland, you never get involved in these border quizzes.
Spanish Borders Minefield
The rain in Spain also falls on these countries.
Hidden Neighbors of Kyrgyzstan
Who would want to hide from Kyrgyzstan? Certainly not us!
Countries by Bordering Flags (1 Land Border)
Name the countries that have land borders with 1 other country when given their bordering flag.
Asia: Are They Neighbors?
You can probably tell some of them by whether or not there's a huge wall in between them.
4x4 Image Crossword: Countries II
How often to you get to do a crossword puzzle that's also a map?
Clickable Indian Borders by Length
We give you the borders, you just have to figure out how much they border.
Southern Hemisphere Border Blitz
Yeah, we definitely just cut the Earth in half. Don't question it.
5-to-1 Albania
Pick the 5-to-1 Albania.
Clickable Belarusian Borders By Length
Pick the countries that border Belarus from longest to shortest without making a mistake.
Word Ladder: Small to Big Countries
Can you fill out this two part word ladder, about a tiny and a large country?
5 Geography Fivesomes
Name the five things in each of these geography-themed fivesomes.
Geographic Person
Name the countries that form this rather strange person.
US Border Chain Minefield
Pick the US state that borders the previous one without getting one wrong.
Hidden Neighbors of Nevada
Nevada, what did you do? Why are your neighbors hiding?
Group Clicking: Europe
Things go a lot faster when you don't have to do them one-at-a-time.
Quick Pick: Gulf of Guinea Countries
Can you click the countries that border the Gulf of Guinea while avoiding the decoys?
German borders- Short to Long
Pick the countries which share a border with Germany from shortest to longest border without making a mistake.
Countries Bordering Russia Minefield
Pick the countries that share a land border with Russia, without picking any country that doesn't.
Most Populous Bordering Country
For each country, can you select the country that borders it with the highest population?
Around the Perimeter of Italy
Can you remember what surrounds that giant boot?
Countries Parallel to Sri Lanka
Name the countries that are on the same latitudes as Sri Lanka.
Capitals of the World Double Border Blitz Map
Name the capitals of the countries of the world, which will also cause all of their bordering countries' capitals to appear, and the capitals of the countries that border those countries.
What's in the Box: Africa (Blitz)
Well, we already told you what's in the box - you're welcome!
North to South Neighbours: Russia
Name the countries neighboring (bordering) Russia in order by their northernmost point from north to south without making a mistake.
France Population Map Crawl
Pick the most populous French regions in a chain? See How to Play..
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