Border Quizzes

Bordering Italy on a Map
We envy these countries for being so close to some really delicious food.
European Countries Venn Diagram
Perhaps the only place where European borders overlap with one other.
Element Toponyms by Borders
Elements, geography, history, pie... this quiz has EVERYTHING!
Borders an 'N' Country Minefield
This quiz borders on insanity if you don't know your countries.
Three-State Borders
This seems easy on the surface, but you might be surprised at the difficulty.
US Border Blitz - Multiple Choice
Usually traveling across the US takes days, but here, you'll be able to do it in 3 minutes.
Bordering Saudi Arabia on a Map
It's best to Riyadh your mind of all distractions before getting started.
Closest Borders: Honolulu
Considering Honolulu is in the middle of the Pacific, we're not sure the term 'close' really applies.
Let's Draw the South American Borders
This is what happens when an art teacher substitutes for a geography class.
The Ethiopia Quiz
It's the 2nd most populous country in Africa, but how much do you actually know about Ethiopia?
Border Checkup: Southeast Asia
No need to see a doctor, but a geographer could help.
States That Border Utah
Pro Tip: Maine and Florida are not even close.
Hidden Neighbors of France
Historically speaking, France's neighbors have tended not to hide from them.
Border Chain Minefield VII
Safe travels this holiday season.
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