Geography Border Quizzes

Border Checkup: Southeast Asia
No need to see a doctor, but a geographer could help.
States That Border Utah
Pro Tip: Maine and Florida are not even close.
Hidden Neighbors of France
Historically speaking, France's neighbors have tended not to hide from them.
Border Chain Minefield VII
Safe travels this holiday season.
2 Borders 1 Country
No knowledge of tiny island countries required.
Border Bunker
Don't forget your passport or you may be denied entry to this quiz.
Click the Landlocked Countries: Minefield
You can literally see the answers on your screen. This should be cake.
Closest Countries to Syria
You hear about Syria on the news, but how much do you know about its actual location?
Let's Draw the European Borders
This is for all you future cartographers out there.
United States Logic Map
This quiz combines two of our favorite things, geography facts and logic.
Bordering India on a Map
These countries have the distinct notoriety of bordering the world's largest democracy.
2 State Borders
If two's company and three's a crowd, what are four and five?
Border Chain Minefield VI
If you don't want to worry about getting there quickly, this is the route to take.
Wyoming's Borders
You can see all these states from the top of Brokeback Mountain.
Around the World in 80 Slides
Why deal with the hassles of traveling when you can see the whole world from the comfort of your own home?
Border Checkup: Central America
These countries always have to be the center of attention.
Borders of Bulgaria
Fun Fact: Bulgaria is the only European country that hasn't changed its name since it was first established (back in 681).
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