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Match 'Em Up Blitz - A Song of Ice and Fire
Direwolves and swords and bastards, oh my!
Missing Word: Dr. Seuss
Name the missing words from these Dr Seuss books.
'A' Literature Quiz
Maybe we should do a series of quizzes based on Dewey decimal numbers instead.
Book Title by Subtitle
If Sporcle were a book, it would be 'Sporcle: Mentally Stimulating Diversions' or possibly 'Sporcle: Better than a Poke in the Eye'.
Fictional Characters by Description II
The whole book is basically a 'description' of these characters.
Top 25 Non-Humans in Harry Potter
The fact that some of these characters refer to themselves in the third person will surely help you out.
The Struggle Is Real - Literary Characters
Life is hard for a character.
Characters: Dickens, Rowling, or Dahl?
This quiz is guaranteed to build character.
'And' or 'In'?
Are you in? Or are you and? Wait...
'B' Books by Cover
Don't judge a 'B' by its cover.
Authors by Words from Book Titles
Titles without words would be much harder.
Same Novel Trios
We didn't include the Three Musketeers for personal reasons.
Name One Novel
The title makes this seem a little easier than it actually is.
Literature Surnames
Be sure not to come in last.
Adjectives in Books
You could describe this quiz as an archive of adjectival literary titles.
Books of the Bible
You've mastered the Old Testament and the New Testament, but can you do them both at the same time?
Arya Stark's Kill List
"Sansa can keep her sewing needles, I've got a Needle of my own." - Arya Stark
'D' Books by Cover
You can't usually judge a book by its cover, but these actually 'D'-liver.
Parenthood's 100 Best Children's Books
As a child, my dad always read me Crime and Punishment and The Art of War...I something from this list would have been more appropriate.
33 Animals, 33 Books
This quiz is *wild* about literature.
Harry Potter Neighbourly Logic Puzzle #1
Each character lists the characters to whom they are adjacent. All rows are either male-only or female-only. Can you put the characters in the correct boxes?
Double the Words, Double the Fun!
Look at those words, they make such a lovely couple.
Books Missing 'A' Words
These book titles require a little more reading between the lines.
Harry Potter Characters in Chapter Titles
These Harry Potter characters just get all the recognition don't they?
Children's Literary Characters Match-Up
If only they had outfits to match.
English Literature Sorting Gallery
A little English lit for a well-read Brit...Or anyone else who enjoys reading.
This Book Stinks II
Everyone's a critic, especially on the Internet.
Letters Minefield: Bible Books
This won't be as forgiving as the actual Bible.
31 Missing Novel Words
We like shorter book titles, it makes us feel smarter somehow.
N.Y. Times #1 Fiction Authors
If you happen to get stuck in an airport during this holiday travel season, you'll see many of these authors on books everywhere.
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