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ASOIAF King or English King?
Honestly, Sweyn Forkbeard could really go either way.
European Countries in Book Titles
Can you find the European countries mentioned in these book titles?
Missing Word: 'U' Authors
Name the words missing from these 'U' authors' names.
Harry Potter Books About Rubeus Hagrid
According to Orson Scott Card, rewriting stories from the perspective of other characters is the hardest thing to do.
'G' Authors
No, it's not a grade. But it is a nice reading list for you to get into.
Author Match - 1960s Novels
Given a novel published in the 1960s, can you pick the correct author?
Word Ladder: Obstinate, Headstrong Girl!
Can you fill in the 3-letter words to find the Jane Austen heroine?
Quick Pick: Hemingway Novels
Pick the missing words in these Hemingway's novel titles.
Harry Potter: Most Lines in Every Chapter (Book 4)
Joanne Rowling has the most lines in every Harry Potter book, right?
Author Phonetic Name Match
Their books would be much harder to read if they were all written in the international phonetic alphabet.
Missing Word: Poirot Novels By Image
Can you fill in the missing words to these novels featuring Hercule Poirot (written by Agatha Christie) using the images below?
Find Five: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Lit
It's five, so you can count on your fingers.
Know It: Literature IV
This is really down to how much you paid attention in high school literature class.
Fill in the Blanks With Painted Eggs - Books I
Pick the correct picture to fill in the blanks of these book titles.
Missing Word: They Made A Movie Out of That?
Can you fill in the Missing Word for the Book Title, later adapted into a film?
ASOIAF: Find the Targaryen
Pick the correctly-spelled Targaryen female character's name from 'A Song of Ice and Fire'.
Quick Pick: Narnia Books by Blurb
Pick the correct book from C.S. Lewis' 'The Chronicles of Narnia' for each blurb.
Finish the Jane Austen Quote
Pick the endings to these Jane Austen quotations.
Giant Word Ladder: Classic Literature
Name the rungs of this themed four letter word ladder.
Nationalities in Novel Titles
Pick the correct nationality to complete the novel title, when given its description.
Sunday Crossword: Literary Couples
Can you solve this themed crossword puzzle?
Missing Word Spiral: Books
Can you fill in this crossword with overlapping parts of book titles?
Bechdel Testing British Literature
Which works of British Literature pass the Bechdel test?
''French'' in Classic Novels
Can you identify the classic novels and other literary works based on quotations containing the word 'French'?
Fantasy Series by Plot Summary
Pick the correct fantasy series for the given plot summary.
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What's Next?
Can you choose the correct animal AND color from the children's classic 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?'
Stephen King Without Stephen King
Name these Stephen King books without the letters in S-T-E-P-H-E-N.
Book Titles Cut Off at P
Can you figure out the book titles cut off at the first P?
Quick Pick: 'On The Road' Characters in Real Life
Pick the real life person these characters in 'On The Road' were based on.
Jean Valjean, This Is Your Life
Pick the events in the life of Jean Valjean (Les Misérables) in the order in which they occurred.
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