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ASOIAF Top Characters A-Z
Entering all the Starks will get you started.
ASOIAF Top Characters by House
Too bad last names aren't accepted.
A Series of Endings
When it comes to a movie or book series, the end is never really the end.
Bible Books - Old Testament
Don't worry Old Testament, you're not old, you're just very mature.
Almost Useless Literature Trivia
A good book is never useless.
Category Cracker: Literature
What are you reading this for? Get cracking.
Harry Potter Books by Line
Enough Harry Potter puns already. We're Sirius.
ASOIAF: Families' Logic Puzzle
Name the characters of 'A Song of Ice and Fire' that go in each box (see note).
Harry Potter Books Blitz
The pressure's on, Potter fans!
Game of Thrones: Slot Machine
Hush Hodor! No more Hodoring!
Mixed Word: Literature Subcategories
Can you unscramble the phrases below to find the answers?
Scientists by Biography Title
Some men just want to watch the world learn.
Charles Dickens or William Shakespeare?
Can you guess whether the work is by Charles Dickens (D) or William Shakespeare (S)?
Harry Potter Logic Quiz: Mischief managed
Can you put Harry Potter characters in correct boxes?
Harry Potter: The First 10 Characters
Harry Potter better be one of the first ten characters mentioned, otherwise we don't know what he's doing as the title character.
Harry Potter Characters by First Line
Too bad none of their first lines were 'Hello, my name is ___.'
This Isn't About You, Harry!
That Harry, always trying to steal the spotlight.
K-pop Song or Children's Book?
In some places it's called Kpop, but in others places it's Ksoda.
Book and Painting Title Blitz
It's kind of like speed reading while running through an art museum.
ASOIAF: Top 50 Houses
We always hear about the Great Houses of Westeros, but this quiz proves it's never a good idea to forget about the minor ones.
Games of Thrones Logic Puzzle
Can you find the answers to the Games of Thrones Logic Puzzle?
Harry Potter Title Minefield
It's the small words that'll trip you up.
A Game of Thrones Grab Bag
Watch out, there could be direwolves in there!
Harry Potter Book by Chapter Title
It's time to move on to the next chapter of your quiz.
Harry Potter Multiplication
Can you figure out the Harry Potter-related numbers and multiply them together?
Books Missing 'I' Words
It's tough to write a book and never use the first person.
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle
Can you place the Harry Potter characters without guessing? Make sure to read the 'How to Play'
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