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Novel Trilogies
Pick the book that belongs in each novel trilogies.
Harry Potter Book 3: Chapters by Letter
Name the words in the chapter titles from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
Stephen King Books
Name the Stephen King Books from the first sentence in the book description? .
Pyra-Grid: Literature
Can you fill in the literature terms and figure out the secret word?
First Half/Last Half: Literature
If you're asking about the middle half, we're going to just give you a minute.
One Prior: Literature
For each book given, can you name the book that came immediately prior in its series?
Quick Pick: Missing Words in Poirot Novels (Pictures)
Can you click the picture representing the word missing from these novels featuring Hercule Poirot?
Italian Literature
Pick the Italian Novel when given the English title.
Get the Picture: Consonant Harry Potter
Can you choose whether the missing part of each name begins with a consonant or a vowel?
Harry Potter Leaves the Dursleys
Match these descriptions of how Harry Potter left Number 4 Privet Drive each year to the book in which it took place.
Doctor Zhivago
Can you choose the correct facts about the novel Doctor Zhivago?
5 Literature Fivesomes II
Name the five things in each of these literature-themed fivesomes.
19th Century Literature Crossword
Can you finish this crossword featuring 19th Century literature?
Word Ladder: Don DeLillo Novel
Complete this word ladder which spells out the title of a popular novel by the author Don DeLillo.
Authors, Rewritten
The two words in the clue are taken from two different works by an author. Can you pick the author?
Harry Potter Type-to-Paint Challenge
Can you type this extract from 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' in time to paint a professor's precarious predicament?
Authors: Which Title? Mythology Edition
Can you choose the literary work written by the selected author with a mythological reference in the title?
1930s Novel Names: What Follows 'the'?
30-in-3: Can you pick the word that follows 'the' in the titles of the following 30 novels from the 1930s in 3 minutes?
Missing Word: Shakespeare Plays (A-Z)
Can you provide the missing words from each of these Shakespeare's plays?
Harry Potter: Most Lines in Every Chapter (Book 5)
Well you know, some people are just more important than others.
Novels Missing Authors
Can you name each novel that's missing the letters of its respective author's surname... and then name that author as well?
Get the Picture: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, or Both
Can you pick if the title is a Percy Jackson book, and Harry Potter book, or a combination of the two?
Romance Novels in Romance Languages II
Match the published titles* of these famous literary romances in Italian, French, and Romanian.
Missing Word: Penguin English Library
Name the missing words on the covers of these books published in Penguin's English Library series.
Author by Character
We're pretty sure Huckleberry Finn wasn't in Middle-earth at any point, but that's the only hint we're giving you.
Bible Books & Baby Names
Pick the most popular baby names from the last 100 years (according to the Social Security Administration) that also are Bible books.
Decades by Modern American Novels
Pick the decade in which each clue of three post-1900 American novels were published.
Sunday Crossword: Paper Trail
Complete this themed crossword? The title is: 'Paper Trail'.
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