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Film Adaptations Match-Up II
Match the Oscar nominated adaptations with their source material of a different title.
Missing Word, Hidden Object: Books II
Can you find the object that represents the missing word in each of these book titles?
Quick Pick: Divergent Faction Symbols
Given the name of a faction in Divergent, can you pick the symbol that it belongs with?
Were They a Member of the Fellowship?
Can you identify which characters were members of the Fellowship of the Ring (Y) and which were not (N)?
Harry Potter: '10 to 1' Ministry of Magic Levels
Pick the right department's divisions of the Ministry of Magic (and some other stuff) that you could find on each Ministry of Magic Levels.
Harry Potter: Paint the Fat Lady
Can you fill in the blanks in the given statements to paint a Hogwarts portrait? (see how to play)
-lphabetized: Harry Potter Characters
There are an unusually large number of them alphabetized under 'W'.
Sci-Fi Books: A Word Too Many
Better to write too many words than not enough.
Quick Pick: The Lord of the Rings by First Chapter
Pick the Lord of the Rings books* by their first chapter.
Seven Books in a Series
Name the seven books in each of these three well-known literature series.
Author by Biography Title
What happens if your biography is more interesting than the stuff you wrote?
3-Word Books in 1 Word
Pick the two missing words when given a single word from a three-word book title.
Women Writers Crossword
Can you finish this crossword featuring women writers?
Harry Potter Spider Diagrams
Pick the correct spider diagram for each Harry Potter character.
ASOIAF: A Game of Spellings
Game of Thrones would be a lot less exciting if it was just a giant spelling bee.
Authors A-Z by Quote II
Can you choose the author from whose work each passage is taken (with the choices corresponding to a certain letter A-Z)?
Pick the Phryne Fisher Novels
Pick the pick the Phryne Fisher novels by Kerry Greenwood, and avoid the novels by Agatha Christie.
Tic-Tac-Trivia: Literature
Only one winning three-space tic-tac-toe sequence contains 3 TRUE statements. Can you enter the 3 digits of the winning sequence?
Get the Picture: Pick a Brontë
Can you choose which Brontë sister each fact is referring to?
Author by Character II
Pick the author when given the name of one of their characters.
History Books: The Subtitles XII
Given the subtitle for each of these non-fiction history books, can you pick the title?
5 Literature Fivesomes
For those keeping track, that does in fact make 25.
Draw a Badge: August Rush
Enter the words that complete these book titles to draw the 'August Rush' Badge
Get The Picture: Literary Laurels
Can you identify which novel the given facts hold true for?
Harry Potter: Most Lines in Every Chapter (Book 6)
Name the characters who had the most lines in each chapter of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? (See 'How to Play').
Pick 5 in 15: Harry Potter Characters
This quiz goes by faster than a golden snitch.
Get the Picture: Colorful Books
Can you choose the missing color from the given book titles?
Match 'in' Literature
Books and matches don't usually go well together. Unless it's a book of matches.
Yellow Book Covers
Name the titles of these books that have predominantly yellow covers.
Novel Trilogies
Pick the book that belongs in each novel trilogies.
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