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Marvel or DC
Alright, why can't these guys just kiss and make up already.
Vowel-less Book Titles
njy ths sprcl qz n ltrtr.
A Game of Thrones Grab Bag
Watch out, there could be direwolves in there!
Harry Potter Title Minefield
It's the small words that'll trip you up.
Brit Lit Bunker
And you thought reading was just a fun pastime.
Harry Potter: The First 10 Characters
Harry Potter better be one of the first ten characters mentioned, otherwise we don't know what he's doing as the title character.
A Literary Logic Puzzle
The bookworms amongst you will surely ace this quiz.
Dumbledore's Army Bunker
"Dumbledore's Army, still recruiting."
Books by Antagonist
Some books are more recognizable by the bad guy...what is the world coming to?
Harry Potter Characters in All Books
Spoiler: Halfway through the series, Edward leaves to go find Bella.
Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets Characters
Is this the one with District 13?
Books Closing Lines
I guess you could say that here at Sporcle we are trying to have the last word.
Novel by Opening Lines III
It'd be a lot faster to read these books if the opening line would sum up the rest of the story.
BBC Top 100 Books
Now here's a question, how many of these books have you read and how many of these have just seen the movie?
Book by First Name Mentioned
Just because you're first, doesn't mean you're going to make it to the end of the book.
60 Second Blitz: Bible Books
Honestly, we don't think you have a prayer of getting all of these.
Name That Author
I can't help but wonder if the Great Gatsby were a major motion picture, if F. Scott Fitzgerald would have been a movie mogul instead of an alcoholic.
Book Titles by Antonym II
I remember reading Nothing Comes Together in college...good book.
Dumbledore's Army Logic Puzzle
Can you put the members of Dumbledore's Army in the correct boxes? Read 'How to Play' before you press Play!
Quotes From Classic Literature
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy...
Titles Found in Books
If you used the holidays to catch up on your classic literature, then this quiz should be a breeze. If you used it to catch up on reality TV...well let's just say good luck!
Where's Waldo?
We're a little concerned that in all his hiding Waldo never found the time to change his clothes.
The Hunger Games Competitors
And may the odds be ever in your favor...
Children's Book Characters
This is a quiz for those who like their books with more pictures than words.
Children's Book By Synonym
I have such fond memories of reading Pleasant Twilight, Celestial Body to my kids.
Classic Books by Initials
I once gave a book report in school and referenced the book only by its initials, my teacher didn't get it and gave me a 'D'...I'm still bitter.
Literature Speed-Picking
Speed readers, unite!
Banned Books
With all the sources for information these days, trying to ban a book from a library is like using a pebble to dam the Nile.
50 Greatest Comic Characters
Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a Sporcle!
Book Reviews By Cat
Some pets are harsher critics than other pets.
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