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Letters Minefield: Bible Books
This won't be as forgiving as the actual Bible.
Gilderoy Lockhart's Published Works
At least the hair is real. Probably.
Differently Titled Movie Adaptions
Same story, different name.
Simpsons Literal Literature
We have a hard time believing that most of these characters spend their free time reading.
Big Brother Slogans
Big Brother is watching you.
Harry, Ron or Hermione?
They were so much cuter before puberty hit.
'A Series of Unfortunate Events' Covers
If you ever feel down, just remember that at least you don't have it as bad as the Baudelaire children.
Better Book Titles
It's a long haul, but worth it.
Fill-in-the-Blank: David McGimpsey's Parody Book Covers
Something's gone rotten in Montreal...
An Author in the Passage
An author in the passage is worth two on the page.
Profile: Catelyn Stark
A George R.R. Martin character? Let's guess...she's dead? Shocking.
Literature Checkpoints
A checkpoint....a all moves the plot along.
'Family' Literature
A little more than kin and less than kind.
Word Ladder Challenge: Watership Down
RIP Richard Adams, 1920-2016
Harry Potter Match-Up
No puns today. Let's keep things a bit more Sirius.
Literature To-Do Lists
Chekhov a few more books from the list.
Songs That Reference Literature
A curatorial two-fer.
Titular Literature Places: Mythical & Imaginary
Some of these places may be imaginary, but this quiz is very real.
Linus' Christmas Monologue
Sure, Charlie Brown, I can tell you what Christmas is all about.
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