Biology Quizzes

Climb the Tree of Life
Be careful while climbing, this tree has some stinging and biting parts.
Top 10 Strange Words for Body Functions
Calm down, Beavis - these words aren't THAT funny.
Animal or Plant?
If you remember the herd of mighty oaks majestically galloping across the open savannahs, then this might not be for you.
Scientists New Year's Resolutions
I resolve to be 10% as smart as the folks in this quiz.
Paint by Trivia: Natural History
If you can't make it to the Museum of Natural History, this quiz is the next best thing.
Ape, Monkey, or Lemur?
You're a primate, so this should be right up your alley.
Animals Out of Order
It's time to bring these beasts in line - sort them out!
Mammals of Asia
Finally, a quiz with 'tanuki' that isn't about Super Mario Bros!
Which Body System?
Taking a systematic approach to this quiz would be wise.
Organ & Bone Etymology
It's a bit disconcerting that some body parts came from roots like 'to flay' and 'scabbard' - but also interesting!
Animals: Head To Foot
I'm a sucker for any quiz with a sloth portrait in it.
Oddly Named Flowers
Pick the correct flowers (but put them in a vase immediately).
Spots or Stripes?
We imagine camouflaging yourself is a lot easier when predators can only see black and white.
Easy Science 7-to-1
Don't let the word 'Easy' fool you. You still have to know SOME science.
'F' in Science
This will make you want to get an 'F' in all your subjects.
Wildlife Rainbow
The zebra's stripes are for camouflage; the other colors are just there to make it look fabulous.
Find the Mammals
Considering that you yourself are a mammal, this quiz should be easy.
Arboreal Animals
They may be arboreal, but they're also adorable.
Food in Nature
Don't use this quiz as a field guide next time you go mushroom picking.
Somewhere in the Middle (Science)
And here I thought there was just an 'e' in the middle of science.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Science
There's a little bit of everything in this quiz!
Harder Science 7-to-1
Thinking about 6 quark flavors is making me hungry.
Parts of a Microscope
Arms, lenses, diaphragms - and yet it's not an anatomy quiz!
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Science
If you start to struggle, just remember to think like a proton and stay positive!
Animals Narrated by David Attenborough II
Name the animals whose antics are being narrated by our favourite naturalist.
I'm the Physician
Help! Is there a doctor on the site?
Animals Narrated by David Attenborough
'I just wish the world was twice as big and half of it was still unexplored.' - David Attenborough
Ain't it an Ant?
Evidently 'ant' was the most popular Halloween costume in the animal kingdom this year.
25 Famous Inventors
The inventors who named their inventions after themselves knew how to make sure their names were remembered.
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