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Human Muscle Anatomy
Time to flex your knowledge.
Human Eye Anatomy
This is the quiz that stares back at you.
Parts of a Microscope
Or, as it's otherwise known to non-science geeks, the bigifier.
Amino Acids by Picture
Amino acids are molecules containing an amine group, a carboxylic acid group, and a side-chain that is specific to each amino acid. We also here that they give you a pretty wicked trip.
Heart Stopping Challenge
Make one mistake on this quiz, and things could get messy.
Amino Acids by Structure
Don't worry, we don't know what we're doing in this quiz either.
Organ Words
You could probably play these organs, but it would get kind of messy.
Close-Up Animal Faces II
We want to believe that these are all actually selfies.
Name the Thigh Muscles
Pick the different muscles of the thigh.
Criteria Animal Species
This is no time to monkey around. Unless of course you are a monkey, in which case, carry on.
Head-to-Toe Blitz
Apparently we know nothing about human anatomy.
Purple Vegetables
Despite their appearance, we can assure you these vegetables are 100% safe to eat...we think.
Human Heart Anatomy
Atriums, ventricles and arteries, oh my...
Catch the Rodents
Let's catch some rodents but don't click on other animals!
Pick 3 Body Parts
When picking body parts, it might be wise to avoid picking the nose.
► Human Skull: Facial and Cranial Bones
Can you find the Facial and Cranial Bones of the Human Skull?
Catch the Fish
Actual fishing requires a lot more patience than this quiz does.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Science II
At least this science quiz is multiple choice.
Biology Quiz
Don't worry, today's Biology pop quiz is multiple choice.
Reptiles of North America
You've got to be cold-blooded to recognize these reptiles.
Almost Useless Science Trivia
Science!? When are we ever going to use science anyway?
Regional Fauna: Madagascar
Click on these animals native to Madagascar.
Right or Wrong Science Definition?
Can you choose the whether the definition given for each science term is right or wrong?
Find the Animal by Scientific Name
Never forget the fact that the scientific name for "gorilla" is "Gorilla gorilla."
Pop Quiz: Anatomy
At least this pop quiz is multiple choice.
Respiratory System Map
Take a deep breath, you'll do just fine on this quiz.
Parts of the Brain
A zombie's favorite quiz.
Blood Type Logic Puzzle
No vampires on this quiz, just some scientists and a blood bank.
There's a Vac for That
You might feel just a little pinch.
Food by Species Name
This is the most delicious quiz about science we've ever played.
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