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Famous Ancient Romans
Not every Roman gets a salad with a similar name.
The Hollywood Life
One thing about Hollywood, the longer you live, the more likely you are to win a lifetime achievement award.
Mini Profiles: 20 Scientists
We have a theory about some of these scientists, but we'd rather not say.
Clickable Autobiographies
When you think about it, Autobiographies were the original reality shows.
Biography: N
These people fit in quite nicely with each other.
Biography: M
The fact that these people's last names start with M is nothing compared to the rest of their lives.
Biography: H
It's hard not to hiss when you're dealing with 'H'.
Tri•ography II
It's just like learning to ride a tricycle.
Biopic People
If they made the story of Sporcle into a movie, what would it be called? Raging Sporcle? What's Sporcle Got To Do With It? Discuss.
Famous Left-Handers
Do they still call them southpaws in the southern hemisphere?
Bush/Obama Facts
In honor of the changing of the guard, take a moment to compare some basic facts about both men, you might be surprised...but then again, maybe not.
Famous 19th century Women
Pick the famous women of the 19th century who correspond to these descriptions.
Ronald or Donald
Do you know if the given statement is true about Ronald Reagan or Donald Trump?
Presidential Wedding Photos
Name the U.S. President from their wedding or wedding announcement photo.
3-per Word Ladder: Author's Bio
Can you discover the one line description which might be found in a biography of a bygone author in this 6-letter word ladder? (THREE letters change between each rung - see game note)
What Presidents do on Halloween
Can you determine what each president would do on Halloween?
Guy Fawkes Trivia
Can you answer these questions about Guy Fawkes Night?
Hidden Initials--Historical Figures II
Name the famous person whose initials are provided as missing letters in the clue
The 3rd thing you need to know: People Who Died Young
Pick the people who died before their 40th birthday by the third sentence in their Wikipedia article.
Quotes on Life by Famous Women
'Only do what your heart tells you.'
If He'd Been President During the Civil War
What if a different president was in charge during the Civil War? Can you identify the president by what he might have said or done?
Bible Character College!
Pick the Biblical person who would most likely teach these whimsical college courses.
US Presidents Valentines
Can you select the US presidents based on their valentine?
Six Famous 'P' Scientists
Pick the six famous scientists from the clues given.
Watergate Names Match-Up
On June 17, 1972 there was a break-in at the Democratic National Headquarters. Let's just say, a lot of people got involved.
Presidential Warriors
Match the Presidents to the wars in which they fought.
The Hollywood Life II
You ain't never had a friend like these dearly departed celebrities.
Famous Ancient Greeks (long version, clickable)
Pick the Famous Ancient Greek people.
Canon of Dutch History (Part 2)
Name the answers to these questions about the canon of Dutch history.
Famous Native Americans (Slideshow)
Name the Native Americans pictured from their tribe, occupation and lifespan.
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