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Alive for Five? (History Edition)
Believe it or not, this is not a quiz about the amazing lives of five-year-olds.
Famous Figures in European History
It's hard to believe there are any famous people from Europe who didn't play football.
The Scientist's Life
We assume a scientist's life involves a whole bunch of sweet lab coats.
The 3rd Thing You Need to Know: Actors
It's okay if you don't know the first thing about movies, you just have to know the third thing.
Clickable Autobiographies
When you think about it, Autobiographies were the original reality shows.
Biography: G
Gee, these people sure are famous.
Biography: E
Every excellent E is eligible.
Biographical Oscar Winners
It seems like part of the award should at least go to the person it's based on.
8 to 1: Relatives of Queen Elizabeth II
Pick the relatives of Queen Elizabeth II that fit into each category.
25 Facts About John Quincy Adams
Here's to our favorite 6th US President.
Missing Word: Famous UK Men
Fill in the first names of these famous British men
George, George or George
Or is it George?
Westminster Abbey Memorials
Can you pick each person from a quote from their tomb or memorial in Westminster Abbey?
The Struggle Is Real - Monarchs & Royals
Pick the kings, queens, monarchs and royals when given the 'struggle' they faced.
That's What 'M' Said
"When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful."
25 Facts About John Adams
How well do you really know America's 2nd president?
That's What 'J' Said
I got 99 problems, but Jay-Z quotes ain't one.
That's What 'H' Said
You can't say history without the letter 'H'.
That's What 'D' Said
These historical figures all have names that start with 'D.' And thus ends the commonalities between some of these people.
20th Century American Politicians (A-Z)
It takes a lot of guts to participate in the great American experiment, however, spelling is not required.
World Leaders' Obituaries
Is it wrong to wish that all of these had appeared in limerick form?
Century by Historical Figures
Time machines are never there when you need them.
Scientists by Haiku
Laws of motion, and DNA, Double Helix, Scientists, Oh My!
19th Century Figures by Category
We don't want to put anyone in a box, these 19th century folks just naturally fall into categories.
Historical Figures by One-Word Hints
History and brevity go together very well.
Philosopher Match
Hmmm...we might have to ponder this one for a while.
Name That Bankrupt Celebrity
It takes money to make money, but you can't just go out and spend it all.
Biography: N
These people fit in quite nicely with each other.
Biography: M
The fact that these people's last names start with M is nothing compared to the rest of their lives.
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