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Portrait of an Artist: Led Zeppelin
At least they made their first four album titles easy to remember.
Famous Russians: Author or Composer?
This quiz would be much tougher as a spelling test.
Biography Books: The Subtitles
We really wanted the subtitle for 'The Bedwetter' to be 'One Name, Two Fates'...it wasn't.
Best. Multitaskers. Ever.
How many things can you possibly do at the same time?
Which American Woman Is It?
It's not the song by The Guess Who, we'll tell you that right off the bat.
Famous Historical 'Q, U, X, Y and Z' First Names
Not to be confused with Famous Historical Quxyz's.
Famous Historical 'V' and 'W' First Names
Don't let the name fool you. There are no German cars in this quiz.
Missing Word: Famous French People
Name the missing portion of each famous French name.
The First Woman To...
Don't mess with these ladies.
Did They Make It to the 20th Century?
All these people made an impact on the 19th Century. Did they live long enough to see the 20th?
That's What 'E' Said
People whose names start with E know a thing or two about elocution.
Famous Russians
These people are famous for a lot of things, but they should also be famous for being able to stand ridiculously cold winters.
That's What 'D' Said
These historical figures all have names that start with 'D.' And thus ends the commonalities between some of these people.
Famous Historical 'F' First Names
Come to think of it, 'First' would be a pretty cool name for a first-born. Let hilarity ensue later-on in life.
Famous Historical 'C' First Names
These people certainly knew how to make a name for themselves.
Famous Historical 'B' First Names
Are you ready for history's b-list?
The Clickable Confucius
Complete these quotes from Confucius.
Word Ladder: Miss-Quoted
Name the 4-letter words in this themed word ladder, centered around quotes from female historical figures.
Famous Figures in European History
It's hard to believe there are any famous people from Europe who didn't play football.
Famous Ancient Greeks
It's all greek to us.
Historical Figures by One-Word Hints III
These figures are so recognizable you only need one word to describe them.
Historical Figures by One-Word Hints II
These figures are so notable, only one word is needed.
Historical Nicknames
Once you get a nickname like this, it's all you can do to live up to the name.
The Scientist's Life
We assume a scientist's life involves a whole bunch of sweet lab coats.
The Hollywood Life
One thing about Hollywood, the longer you live, the more likely you are to win a lifetime achievement award.
Biography: P
Perhaps you've heard of these people?
Biography: C
We 'C' what they did here.
Biography: B
If he weren't fictional, Bilbo Baggins would have been a nice addition.
It's All Black and White
A lot of these answers fall in a gray area.
Famous Left-Handers
Do they still call them southpaws in the southern hemisphere?
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