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Profile: John F. Kennedy
Ask not what your Sporcle can do for you but...
That Was No Lady, That Was Henry VIII's Wife!
Pick the wives of Henry VIII in order without fault? Beware, picking any other lady (or getting the order wrong) will lead to Henry VIII getting incredibly angry and executing you on the spot!.
Within a Century?
A lot changes in 100 years.
Click the Medieval Person
The medieval period is sometimes called the Dark Ages. There must have been a lot of knights.
Biography Books: The Subtitles
We really wanted the subtitle for 'The Bedwetter' to be 'One Name, Two Fates'...it wasn't.
Literature by War Setting
It may seem peaceful to sit down and read a book, but the book itself may be filled with conflict.
Name It After Me! (III)
Here's one way to get your name in the history books.
History: According to The Onion
The Onion makes history seem just that much more...interesting.
Movies by Ending Title Cards
Epilogues just take too much time.
Clickable Autobiographies
When you think about it, Autobiographies were the original reality shows.
Biography: M
The fact that these people's last names start with M is nothing compared to the rest of their lives.
Quick Profiles: The Beatles
If you don't know an answer, it is okay to just let it be.
Biographical Oscar Winners
It seems like part of the award should at least go to the person it's based on.
Bush/Obama Facts
In honor of the changing of the guard, take a moment to compare some basic facts about both men, you might be surprised...but then again, maybe not.
The 3rd thing you need to know: People Who Died Young
Pick the people who died before their 40th birthday by the third sentence in their Wikipedia article.
Australian Historical Portraits by Clue
Pick the portrait of each one of these Australian historical figures according to the clues shown below? .
Historical USA Trips by Route
I hope you're not disappointed to find that Tom Green and Seann William Scott appear nowhere in this quiz.
The 3rd thing you need to know: Nobel Peace Laureates
Pick the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize by the third sentence in their Wikipedia article.
US Presidents New Year's Resolutions
Can you select the US presidents based on their New Year's Resolutions?
Fabulous Historical Facial Hair
These people are like the spokesmen for No-Shave November.
Portrait of an Artist: Led Zeppelin
At least they made their first four album titles easy to remember.
Portrait of a Leader: Thomas Jefferson
'Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.'
Historical Shared Birthdays
These people should celebrate together, with double the cake.
Real-Life Scientists and Inventors in Movies
For each movie, given the image and the clue, can you name the real-life scientist or inventor depicted in it?
Famous Scots
Awesome accents come with no extra charge.
World Leaders' Obituaries
Is it wrong to wish that all of these had appeared in limerick form?
Author Country Match-Up
Every famous author has to come from somewhere.
Famous Ancient Romans
Not every Roman gets a salad with a similar name.
Philosopher Match
Hmmm...we might have to ponder this one for a while.
Mini Profiles: 20 Scientists
We have a theory about some of these scientists, but we'd rather not say.
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