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Portrait of an Artist: Queen
We don't think that Americans would have revolted against this Queen in 1776.
Famous 18th Century Women
Women from the 1700s did some pretty amazing things.
Find That Historical Person
Hint: it's the guy with the beard.
Portrait of an Athlete: Babe Ruth
More than just a candy bar.
History Books: The Subtitles
At least it isn't History Class: The Musical!
Famous Historical 'R' First Names
Despite it being their favorite letter, pirates do not make an appearance in this quiz.
Guess Who in 3 Words II
What would your three words be if you were in this quiz?
Profile: John F. Kennedy
Ask not what your Sporcle can do for you but...
History Books: The Subtitles II
You know what they say, those who do not learn subtitles are doomed to repeat them...or something like that.
25 Facts About James Madison
You may find that you know more about our fourth president than you thought.
Soccer Passports III
Name the players, by these Soccer Passports III.
Missing Word: 'A' Historical People
Do you know the missing 'A' word from these historical people?
First Name Basis: History
We like to think we're on a first name basis with these historical figures.
Fabulous Historical Facial Hair
These people are like the spokesmen for No-Shave November.
Portrait of a Leader: Thomas Jefferson
'Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.'
History: According to The Onion
The Onion makes history seem just that much more...interesting.
19th Century Figures by Category
We don't want to put anyone in a box, these 19th century folks just naturally fall into categories.
25 Facts About James Monroe
Fact #1: The dude knew how to tie a sweet neckerchief.
Portrait of a Legend: Santa Claus
Santa jokes always sleigh us.
Famous Historical 'T' First Names
It's time for everybody's favorite consonant.
Biography Books: The Subtitles
We really wanted the subtitle for 'The Bedwetter' to be 'One Name, Two Fates'...it wasn't.
Which of the Two...Historical Moments
Hopefully you can tell these two apart.
Famous Ancient Romans
Not every Roman gets a salad with a similar name.
Historical Winners and Losers
You win some, you lose some...
Historical Figure by Necklace
Pick the necklace which was inspired by each historical figure.
Scientists by First Names
Can you find these scientists and inventors when provided only with their first names?
Historical Occupations Match-up
It never occurred to us that famous historical figures also might have had day jobs.
Profile: Barack Obama
Happy birthday, Barry!
Find the Famous Figure's Birthplace
There are only 197 countries to choose from...should be a piece of cake.
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