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'Get' Song Titles
A good score won't just come to you; you gotta go get it.
Billboard No.1 Songs: A Word Too Many (2010s)
Pick the word that doesn't belong in the titles of number one Billboard Hot 100 singles of 2010s decade.
'All' Song Titles
Before you get too excited, this isn't a quiz about every song ever written.
Top 150 Songs of the Seventies
They weren't the best, but they were the biggest. Which acts had the best chart performance on the Billboard Hot 100 in the 1970s?
50 Hits to Click: 1997
Maybe some songs from the past are better off being forgotten...
1982 songs by non-title lyrics (clips)
Name the 1982 songs by the non-title lyrics (or instrumental).
First Name Basis: Music
No need for surnames here.
'Every' Song Titles
Okay, okay, so maybe this quiz doesn't contain EVERY song title.
Missing Word: 'Take' It in Song
Name the missing word to each song featuring the word 'Take' in the title.
'His & Her' Song Titles
Some musicians are just treblemakers.
Ruined By A Letter: Songs (2010s)
For each song, a letter has been substituted to ruin the title. Can you click the correct letter which has been replaced?
'My' Song Titles
Gosh! This quiz is so selfish.
'Good' Song Titles
The songs themselves might not be great, but all the titles are 'good'.
Artist by First #1 Hit
Pro Tip: 'You Give Love a Bad Name' wasn't by Beyoncé but oh how we wish it had been.
10 to 1: Hits by All Time Hot 100 Artists IV
Pick the Hits by All Time Hot 100 Artists.
Three Hits in One Year
365 days of hits.
50 More Hits to Click: 1974
Pick the missing word from these 1974 top 40 songs.
'Now' Song Titles
You should play this right NOW.
Artist by First #1 Hit III
We're sure these are the songs that artists are sick of playing live.
'Your' Song Titles
You probably think these songs are about you.
50 Hits To Click: 1994
A solid knowledge of '90s music should help Carey you through this quiz.
20 Strange Signs & Billboards
These billboards might not be great, but at least they spelled everything correctly.
99 Most Common Words: US #1 Songs
We're just a little disappointed that there have been so few hit songs about Sporcle.
10 to 1: 10s Hits
Match the 2010s hits to their artists.
Ruined By A Letter: Songs (2000s)
In each song title, a letter has been substituted to ruin the title. Can you click the correct letter which has been replaced?
Tracks on the Back: '80s Pop Albums
Does anyone even know what an album is anymore?
Artist by First #1 Hit IV
You never forget your first chart topper.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Music II
Can you choose the correct answer to a question from each Music subcategory?
'Boy' Songs
Pick the correct words to complete these song titles or artist names.
'Girl' Song Titles
Someday, when these songs are old enough, they can hang out with "Pretty Woman" and "Lady in Red."
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