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Criteria New Testament Characters
Pick the New Testament Characters that fulfill ALL the given criteria, reducing as you go.
Christian Figures 7-to-1
Can you match each significant Christian figure to the category in which they belong?
Bible Books - New Testament
It's very brave to call something that's over 2,000 years old 'New'.
7-to-1: Locations of the Hebrew Bible
Pick the modern-day country where you can find each location mentioned in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible).
Bible Top 200
Sadly, not even one mention of Sporcle.
Bible Books Per Letter
This is a quiz of biblical proportions.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz IV
If you like to be surprised with every click, this is the quiz for you.
Could You Be a Wise Man?
This is really the only authentic Christmas list.
'D' Game
If you want to at least pass this quiz, you'll need to get 22 answers to get a 'D'.
Bible Books - Old Testament
Don't worry Old Testament, you're not old, you're just very mature.
'R' Game
You just have to ask yourself, what is Blackbeard's favorite game?
'Q', 'X', 'Z' Game
Q, X and Z finally find their time to shine.
'P' Game
If you think the 'P' quiz is difficult, wait until we get to 'Q'!
Cover the Alphabet - Books of the Old Testament
By naming books of the Old Testament, can you cover up all the letters of the alphabet? Each book you name will cover up any letters contained in its name.
Bible Book by Section Blitz
If you need help with this, don't worry. We Noah guy that can help.
Books of the Bible (Redux)
Watch out, this Bible has a few boobytraps.
'E' Game
Edifying encyclopedias everywhere enjoy entertaining elephants.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Christianity
Can you sort the Christianity terms into their categories before time runs out?
Bible First Words
If you find yourself stumped, remember...little words are your friend.
Most Common Words in The Bible
Once again, the unicorn didn't make it.
6-Letter Bible Books
Sometimes it's best to be brief.
Books of the Bible
You've mastered the Old Testament and the New Testament, but can you do them both at the same time?
'T' Game
Get out the fancy saucers, 'cause it's 'T' time.
'O' Game
O say can you guess, every word on this quiz.
'L' Game
Leapin Lizards!!! It's the L game!
'G' Game
Good grief Gargamel! Great games give glee.
Baby Names: The Bible
Not as many people are naming their kids 'God' these days.
Where did It Happen? (Religion)
Pick the modern day countries where the following important religious events occurred.
Catholic Objects and Symbols
Name the Catholic items, symbols and motifs pictured below.
Biblical Figure by Biography Title
When you really think about it, the Gospels are basically a biography of Jesus.
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