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Best Picture Oscar Winners Since 1970
The real winner are the audience members who get to leave after this award is presented.
Oscar Best Pictures All Time
Oscars are heavy. If there was an earthquake, someone could actually be killed by their own Academy Award.
Two-Word Best Pictures by Image
Because one is just a little too lonely for us.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz VIII
Not to be cheesy, but this quiz is pretty fun.
One-Word Best Pictures by Image
If nothing else these titles are efficient.
5-Star Best Picture Winners
A Best Picture quiz? Are you not entertained?
Three-Word Best Pictures by Image
Name the three-word Oscar Best Picture winners by image.
That's No Best Picture: That's A Board Game!
Pick the classic Board Games whilst dodging the films that have won Best Picture.
Best Picture Winners by Any 3 Letters
You'd think "YAY" would trigger at least a few of these winning films.
Five(+) Word Oscar Best Pictures
Name the five (or more) word Oscar Best Picture winners by image.
Four-Word Best Pictures by Image
Name the four-word Oscar Best Picture winners by image.
Is It 'The' Best Picture?
You can pretty much add 'The' to any of these titles and they'll still sound like actual movies.
Best Picture by Object
A prop, a prop! My Oscar for a prop!
Best Picture Bonanza
We still can't understand how more Paulie Shore movies haven't been nominated.
HARM-less: Best Picture Nominees
Hold on, 'Harry and the Hendersons' was never nominated for Best Picture?
Which of the Two... Movies
You don't need to have seen any movies at all to guess your way through this one.
Best Animated Feature Oscar Nominations
Place your bets now, which one is going to win tonight?
5-Star Best Picture Winners II
Usually movies only get rated up to four stars, but we'll make an exception for these ones.
Quick Pick: Names in Best Picture Winners
Pick the missing name in these Best Picture winning titles.
First-Last Word Match: Best Picture
The middle of the movie is just not as important as the beginning or end.
Best Pictures By Quote (1970-1989)
You're gonna need a bigger quote.
Click A Movie, Initially - Best Picture Nominees II
Pick the correct movie scene when given the initials of its title.
Click a Movie, Initially - Best Picture Winners
They may take away our movie titles, but they'll never take our Sporcle!
Best Picture Winners: 2000s
And the Oscar went to...
Quick Pick: Oscar Nominated Cities
Pick the one word films that were nominated or won the Oscar for Best Picture that also share their name with a city.
50 Oscar Flicks to Click
These films just really seem to click with each other.
Quick Pick: Color Me Oscar
Pick the correct colors to complete the titles of these Oscar-nominated films.
5-Star Best Picture Winners III
Keep your friends close, but your Sporcle closer.
Best Picture by ANY Word
A rare quiz where the one or two word answers are the hardest to get.
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