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Absent Letter Elements
We're in our element when it comes to this quiz.
Movies Turning Into Songs
All these movies secretly just wanted to be songs this whole time.
This 'Of The' That Movies
This is the only thing most of these movies have in common.
Can It Follow No?
This might be the most negative game on Sporcle.
Is It Following Me?
Let 'ME' lead the way.
Country Beginnings and Endings - Multiword Minefield
Pick the letter pairs that DON'T begin and end any multiword country names.
2 Words 1 Ending
Let's just hope none of these words have a surprise ending.
More A-Z Word Beginnings
We're beginning to think these words didn't want the first letter all along.
3-Letter Overlap Countries
There's a lot of sharing going on between these countries.
London Underground Stations: C
Name the London Underground stations that begin with C.
London Underground Stations: B
Name the London Underground stations that begin with B.
Vowel Countries Ending in Consonants
Try not to let 'Y' confuse you.
Click an '-ick'
There's something about this quiz that feels a bit gross.
Begins and Ends A-Z
We'd like to say that this is as easy as A, B, C...but it's not.
'R' Movies by Picture II
These movies are widely beloved by all pirates.
'P' Movies by Picture II
Grab your popcorn, this quiz has some perfectly awesome movies.
Starts with B, Ends With N
What did the pirate say when the doctor told him that the moles on his back were benign? 'Argh, check again matey, there should be ten!'
'W' States
We thought if we turned this quiz upside down it would be 'M' states, but we were wrong. So very wrong.
Books Missing 'H' Words
Imagine trying to read an entire book with all the H words missing.
Books Missing 'G' Words
Words are the one thing that books can't stand to lose.
Click a -ZZLE Word
Pick the correct word ending in -ZZLE.
CodeWord Ladder
Someone get the enigma machine!
-ord Definitions
If you get 100 percent, there's no need to lord your accomplishment over other players.
'Rat-' Vocabulary
If you don't do well on this, don't worry. We won't rat you out.
Finding '-mo'
Mo Quizzes Mo Problems.
Similar Words: L
Pick the correct 'L' word by its description.
Sup-plant-ed Words
Name the words that start in a plant, that is replaced by another plant starting on a same letter.
-son Definitions
Here comes the -son! Doo do doo doo!
Multi-Category Letter Board IV
A game of hopscotch through Sporcle.
Fill in the Middle: Five Consonants
Just find the right fit.
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