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From 'Z' to 'A'
If you're one of those people who like everything to be in the right order, you may want to take this quiz backwards.
Ends in 'CLE'
Sometimes, you just have to expect the obvious.
Ends in 'GUE'
Gue-d Luck!!
Ends in 'TA'
Engage your medulla oblongata, trust your aorta and say hasta la vista to the next 13 minutes.
Starts With V, Ends With N
Don't go thinking this quiz is about you.
One's Not a Word
It's a number!
5-Letter Ends in 'O'
A resounding 'Bravo' to anyone who is able to get all these correct.
Starts with C, Ends with N
Hands up if you think the clue for 'clown' should be "terrifying creature from your childhood nightmares."
5-Letter Ends in 'I'
The I's have it.
5-Letter Ends in 'E'
Five letter words that end in the fifth letter of the alphabet? Sounds a little fishy to us.
5-Letter Ends in 'T'
If you're ready for a word workout you've come to the right place.
5-Letter Ends in 'S'
Thisss quiz is first-classss.
Ends in 'GO'
Take some ginkgo head down to Key Largo and pump up your ego with this quiz (unofficially endorsed by the Go-Gos).
This quiz makes it sound like we have a town full of trivia whizzes.
Close-Up 'G' Images
Get up good and close.
Add a 'CON'
A game of pros and cons, without the pros.
More Man Words
These words are nothing if not manly.
First Vowel 'U' Countries
There's no 'U' in Earth, but there are plenty in these countries.
First Vowel 'O' Countries
First letters get all the attention, but this is a vowel-only competition.
17 Ways Not to Spell 'Slot'
Just pull the lever and see what words you come up with.
First Vowel 'E' Countries
Any country could be in this quiz, if you don't pay any attention to spelling.
Movies Turning Into Songs
All these movies secretly just wanted to be songs this whole time.
What U B Sayin?
U B crazy if you don't know your UBs.
Begins and Ends with 'T'
Tut tut, don't feel like a twit, it takes tons of talent to conquer this treat.
Begin and End the Same
We like this. Nice and simple sounding.
'C' Blitz
Time to C how well you do.
The 'Port' Game
Way more exciting than the starboard game.
'A' Blitz
All you have to do is start at the beginning.
Anti-'IA' Countries
In spite of yourself, you will still likely end up guessing Russia or India.
Starts with B, Ends With N
What did the pirate say when the doctor told him that the moles on his back were benign? 'Argh, check again matey, there should be ten!'
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