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NBA Teams 60 Second Blitz
Think of this as Sporcle's version of a shot clock.
Sports Logos II
If you're going to have a fearsome sports team, you need to start with a great logo.
A Decade of Sports (1970s)
We wanted to include the XFL, but unfortunately it wasn't founded until 2001.
Which of the Two... Sports Teams
Two teams face off in each question, and somehow YOU end up with all the points.
NBA Award and Title in Same Year
Because one trophy per year just isn't enough.
All the College Champions
College sports - making university presidents wealthy since the 1860s.
NBA MVPs (Regular Season & Finals)
These NBA players couldn't be any more valuable if they were gold plated. Of course, that would make them a lot slower.
Champion Countries (Team Sports)
Name the world champion country for each team sport.
NBA Finals Scoring Leaders
If you're going to get the big trophy, you better play well in the finals.
All-NBA Team Players (1990s)
Lil' Penny couldn't quite make the cut.
Los Angeles Lakers All-Time Leaders
The Lakers were originally located in Minnesota, but they've been too lazy to change their name ever since.
Top 50 NBA Scorers Minefield
No one could defend these NBA players.
NBA Team Leaders (2000s)
No matter how many times we guessed Jesus Shuttlesworth, we couldn't get a right answer.
Can You Name The All Star Game MVP Since 1995
Name The All Star Game MVP Since 1995.
Impossible 100 Question Basketball Chain Quiz! KOT4Q
Impossible 100 Question Basketball Chain Quiz! For KOT4Q!
2016-17 NBA Playoffs: Fact Checker
How much have you been paying attention this season?
World Champion Countries
Here's a sports quiz where some geography knowledge will come in handy.
Ultimate NBA 2000s (Single Game Edition)
Be like Kobe and don't pass...on this quiz, that is.
Big 4 Teams by Mug
How is marshmallow/hot chocolate basketball not a professional sport yet?
Top 50 NBA Player Salaries (2013-2014)
They make 20 million a year AND they get free shoes? Totally unfair.
Alive for Five? (Sports Edition)
Some of these are real stumpers, and some are basic. You be the judge.
NBA Top 5 Scorers by Seasons Played
After 20 seasons, it gets a little tougher to score points.
NBA One Team Players
These guys liked to have a little stability in their lives.
NBA Alma Maters
I know it's hard to believe, but some people actually go to college seeking an education.
Famous 50: Sports
Here's where soccer fans can really shine.
NCAA Basketball Tournament Champions
We suspect that Jim Calhoun might just do ok on this one.
Big 4 Beer Mugs
Cure all your ale-ments with this quiz.
Most NBA Playoff Points per Decade
When it comes to the NBA, it's really all about the playoffs.
Quick Pick: NCAA Football and Basketball Champs
Pick the schools that have won both a college football* AND men's basketball** championship.
NBA Trivia Bunker
Name the Answers correctly to get to sector 15 of the NBA bunker.
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