Basketball Quizzes

NBA Player by Resume II
Hi SpongeBob, I'm Patrick Ewing.
NBA Teams, in Russian
Moscow Mavericks anyone?
NBA All-Star or No-Star
Even if they never made an All-Star team, playing in the NBA is no easy feat.
2017 NBA All-Stars
We're wondering if Westbrook is still going to talk smack to Durant when they're on the same team this weekend.
Just the Red: Sports Logos
This quiz will have you seeing red.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz XVI
That fuse looks awful short...
Top NBA Rookie Scorers Since 2000
They may have been rookies, but they didn't let that hold them back.
A Decade of Sports (1980s)
Those short shorts that basketball players used to wear were really something else.
Final Four Droughts
Pick the team that has been to three or more Final Fours, but not to any in this millennium.
Find the Missing Fauna in Big 4 Teams
Can you click on the correct animal that completes each Big 4 sports team?
NBA Same Last Name Trios
A simply magical quiz.
NBA Player by Resume
Even basketball players need to keep their resumes up-to-date.
Which Teams Did He Play For? (NBA)
And you thought Vinny Testaverde played for a lot of teams. Just wait until you see Joe Smith!
Ultimate NBA 2000s (Single Game Edition)
Be like Kobe and don't pass...on this quiz, that is.
Sports by Equipment Picture Click
But really, you COULD use baseball equipment to play hockey if you tried hard enough.
NBA States & Provinces
We hope that one day Nova Scotia will get their own NBA team.
Backward NBA Team Match-Up
If you can read Arabic or Hebrew then this should be easy for you.
Big 4 Teams by Mug
How is marshmallow/hot chocolate basketball not a professional sport yet?
Invisible NBA Teams
Reffing a game with invisible players looks challenging.
NBA Seasons with 35, 30, 25, 20, 15, and 10 PPG
This list is even more impressive when you consider that the three-point line wasn't adopted until 1979.
Sporty Teddy Bears
Pick the Teddy Bear who practices each sport.
Finish the Famous Athlete Quote
As these athletes will tell you, this is no time for excuses. There's a quiz to be played.
Last Five: Big 4 Runners-Up
Turns out being up 3-1 wasn't so great for some of these teams.
Tough Choices: Sports Edition
Here at Sporcle, we all had to make the tough choice to not go pro. You know, for the sake of fair competition.
Somewhere in the Middle (Sports)
We thought a half time show was what happened in the middle of every sporting event.
All the College Champions
College sports - making university presidents wealthy since the 1860s.
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