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Symbol Cryptogram: MLB Teams
Are these easier to crack than the other teams' signals?
Clickable: Baseball's 2000 RBI Club
Pick the members of Baseball's 2000 RBI Club.
Players Who Have Played For Most MLB Franchises
Name the Players Who Have Played For Most MLB Franchises.
Opening Day Lineups: Braves (1990s)
Name the opening day lineups for the Atlanta Braves from 1990-1999.
Elected to HOF Posthumously
Name the Hall of Fame MLB players who was elected posthumously.
MLB All Star Compound Name Match
Match the images from group #1 and #2 to come up with the following MLB All Stars last names that are compound words.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: MLB
You can't spell 'Minefield Blitz' without M, L, and B.
Top 25 White Sox players in HRs
Name the Top 25 White Sox players who hit the most HRs.
MLB: Retired jersey numbers (grouped)
Given a retired MLB jersey number, can you click the players that had the number retired for ANY team?
1980's 20 win seasons by Topps card
Name the pitchers to win 20+ games in a season during the 1980's by their corresponding Topps baseball cards.
Baseball Positions (15 Second Blitz)
Name the nine fielding positions in baseball in under 15 seconds.
Worst Career Cleanup Hitters
Name the players with the lowest OPS. in 4th position (since 1920, min. 1500 PA).
Philadelphia Phillies Playoff Seasons
Pick the Philadelphia Phillies Playoff Seasons.
Opening Day Lineups: Orioles (1990s)
Name the opening day lineups for the Baltimore Orioles from 1990-1999.
MLB Players With 14 HR Before May 1st
Name the MLB players to hit 14 HR before May 1st in a season.
Sports Figures with a Presidential Medal of Freedom
Name these sports figures that have been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Big 4 Teams, What Kind of Things?
We can't ask you what kind of thing Gritty is, because there is no one alive who can answer that question.
Quick Pick: Multiple MLB World Series MVP Winners
Can you quickly identify all of the players to have won multiple MLB World Series MVP Awards while avoiding the decoys before time runs out?
MLB: Sort the Cy Young winners
Given each MLB team, can you identify all of the players that have won the Cy Young Award as a member of that team?
0 HR seasons in the 1990s by baseball card
Can you name players with 400+ plate appearances in a season without hitting a home run in the 1990s?
Premier League or Major League Baseball
What if you're a premier member of the Major League, or a Major member of the Premier League?
MLB Team Facts
Pick the facts to MLB teams in an order you can finish.
Athletics Retired Numbers (Picture Click)
Can you find the individuals with retired numbers or honored names for the Oakland Athletics?
Longest Hitting Streaks for Pitchers
Name the pitchers with the longest hitting streaks (since 1908, min. one PA each game, not including non-pitching pinch hitting appearances).
MLB 30-HR Seasons (Pre-1950)
Name the players who hit 30 or more home runs in a season between 1920 and 1949.
Baseball Bunker (Multiple Choice)
Can you choose the correct answer to each question to reach the 15th rung of this baseball bunker?
Click a Williams (Sports Edition)
Pick the Williams that fits each clue.
World Series Winner per President
Not be confused with presidential winners.
MLB - MVPs Active in 1975
Name the MLB MVPs that were active players in the 1975 season.
Top 100 Strikeout Pitchers
Name the Top 100 Strikeout Pitchers.
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