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Most to Fewest World Series Minefield
The World Series starts today. Who are you rooting for?
2019 American League Batting Leaders
Name the 2019 American League Batting Leaders in each of the given stat categories.
2013 Boston Red Sox Beards
Name these 2013 Boston Red Sox players by silhouettes of their beards.
1890s Pro Baseball Players - Real or Fake?
Pick the real 1890s baseball players.
MLB Top Home Run Trios By Franchise
The Steroid Era is well represented here.
Most Career HR While Never Leading the Team
Name the players with the most career Home Runs, who never led their team in this category.
MLB Team Strikeout Leaders (2010-2019)
Can you name each teams strikeout leaders for the 2010s?
Dodgers Retired Numbers (Picture Click)
Can you find the individuals with retired numbers for the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers?
The One MLB Team with No World Series Appearances
The Nationals just made their first World Series. And then there was one...
MLB Top 10 Hits From 1962- 1990
Name the MLB players to finish in the top 10 in hits from 1962- 1990.
Shakespeare for Sports Fans
Name the Big Four sports team that matches each hint (and also fills in the Shakespeare quote).
2019 100 Win MLB Teams
In 2019, more teams won 100+ games in a season than ever before. Can you correctly select the teams that have reached the century mark?
Boston Red Sox Retired Numbers
Name the Numbers retired by the Boston Red Sox.
MLB Team Hits Leaders 2010-2019
Name each MLB team's Hits Leaders from 2010 - 2019
Most MLB All-Star Selections (2000s)
Name the players selected for the most MLB All-Star Games in the 2000s.
Biggs or Smalls?
Can you choose whether the statement applies to Biggs Darklighter or Scotty Smalls?
Consecutive 40 Home Run Seasons
We wonder if they had to pay for all those baseballs they lost?
MLB 2019: Thou Shalt Not Steal
Who are the 12 batting title-eligible MLB players who did not steal a base in the 2019 season?*
Armando Galarraga's Near Perfect Game
Name the Details of Armando Galarraga's Near Perfect Game.
Eight Men Out
If you've seen the film, you may be tempted to try 'Charlie Sheen' and 'John Cusack' as the names of players.
10+ Strikeout Debut
Name the pitchers who have recorded double digit strikeouts in their MLB debut.
MLB - Most HR at each position (2000s)
Name the players with the most home runs at each position between 2000-2009.
San Diego Padres Cy Young Votes
Name the Padres players who have received Cy Young votes.
Lonely MLB Teams
If you ace the quiz, it'll be like sending them some hugs.
The Oldest Team in Each State
Name the The Oldest Team in Each State (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL).
Big 4 Sports Venues: Real or Fake?
Pick the real Big 4 Sports Venues out of the field of options.
Played AND Managed in a World Series
When you're so good you get multiple roles in the World Series.
Cincinnati Reds 25+ HRs Single Season
Name the Cincinnati Reds players to hit 25 home runs or more in a single season.
Postseason Pitching Wins
October is when the aces really come out to play.
2019 National League Batting Leaders
Name the 2019 National League regular season leaders in each of these categories.
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