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Sports Facts
Sometimes we wonder... Do the refs even know the rules?
Athletes of the 2000s
Out with the old school, in with the new.
Between the drought: Chicago Cubs
Name the players who played 10 years for the Chicago Cubs between 1908-2016 without winning a ring.
MLB All-Star Second Basemen (NL)
These MLB All-Stars know how to turn a double play.
MLB All-Star Right Fielders (NL)
These All-Stars just think everything is going to be all right.
Name the Pro Sports Teams in Each State
Name the Pro Sports Teams in Each State.
MLB Gold Glove Winners
This award would be a lot harder to win if you actually had to use a gold glove.
MLB 30/30 Players
Strength, as well as quickness. You think of a complete ballplayer when you think of the men on this list...that is, if you can think of them.
Silver Sluggers (Designated Hitter)
The National League DH silver slugger list is somewhat shorter.
MLB 2000 Strikeout Pitchers
These players are more than familiar with the sweet success of a strikeout.
MLB RBI Leaders (Career)
One has to be a good hitter to be on this list, but it also certainly doesn't hurt to bat cleanup on a good team.
MLB Multiple MVP Winners
Awarded by the Baseball Writers Association of America, the MVP award has been won by a New York Yankee 22 times and never by anyone from the Tampa Bay Rays, but this year none of that seems to matter.
MLB Top 10 (2000s)
If you need a break from presents and Christmas about some baseball?
Big 4 Teams Eastern Time Zone
These teams all get to finish early and wait around for those west coast teams to finally get things done.
MLB Entire Career with One Team
These guys must have been pretty friendly with the concession guys after all that time.
MLB 3,000 Hit Club
With 2,935 hits, Barry Bonds could make this list, of course he needs to actually be on a team to do so.
ESPY Winners
The ESPYs date all the way back to 1993, a lot of rich history there, lots of history.
MLB Memorable Moments
If you're not a fan of baseball, but want to make sure you get most of the questions right on Trivia Night, this is a good primer.
Silver Sluggers (Pitcher)
A .151 average, 6 home runs, and 11 RBI's doesn't win many offensive awards.
MLB Home Run Derby Winners
Major League Baseball would like you to know that no steroids were used in the making of this annual festivity.
60 Second Blitz: MLB Teams
Baseball should really allow blitzing, I think it would really change the dynamic of the sport.
MLB Retired Jerseys
Mastering this quiz will go a long way toward getting your handle retired by Sporcle some day.
Baseball Movies
Take me out to the theater, take me out with the crowd...
MLB Cy Young and MVP Winning Teammates
Do these pairs of teammates make the other players on their team play better or just look really bad?
MLB 300 HR with 1 Team
This is the anti-Kenny Lofton quiz in more ways than one.
MLB HR Leaders by Decade
Seeing a homer in the 1900's must have been a rare treat indeed.
MLB All Star MVPs
Considering the winners from the last few years, perhaps this should be called the American League All Star MVP award.
Colors in Team Names
Some teams just need a few more adjectives to set themselves apart.
MLB All-Star First Basemen (NL)
This quiz is the true answer to 'Who's on first?'
Opening Day Lineups: Blue Jays
For the 2010 season, we look back on the last 20 years: Blue Jays Edition.
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