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Get the Picture: Lennon or McCartney?
Can you pick whether John Lennon or Paul McCartney is the correct answer to each question?
Missing Word: Artists With Top 10 Hits: J
Name the 'J' words missing from the names of these artists who had Top 10 hits in the US.
Band By Literal Definition
Pick the correct band or music group when given a literal definition of every word that comprises its title in chronological order.
Word Ladder: Metallica Songs, the Early Years
Name the 4-letter words in this word ladder featuring Metallica songs from before their 'Black Album'.
Finish the Band
Can you choose the image that completes the name of each band?
30 Two-Word 'C' Musicians Match-Up
A lot of these musicians would be pretty fun to 'C' in concert.
Word Ladder: Spicy American Rock Band
Name the 3-letter words in this music themed word ladder.
Missing Word: Classic Rock Albums VII
Guess what's missing in the titles of LPs by Rock n Roll Hall of Famers
Queen by Any 3 Letters
Hint: Don't start with "XYZ"
Missing Word: Classic Rock Albums IV
Name the missing word in each of these classic rock albums for each band.
Albums by Mural
Name the albums referenced in these murals and street art works.
Click the Band Members: U2
If you get them all right, it will be a Beautiful Day.
Album Sorting Blitz
Sorting your album collection is a lot easier when you can just click them like this.
Pick 3 Members of Bands
Can you choose three members of each Band?
NOT a fan...
Can you click the correct band by this comment made by someone who isn't impressed?
Connect the Dots: Rock!
We hope you brought ear plugs.
Missing Word: 'Band' Bands
Name the missing words from these bands with the word 'Band' in their name.
Top 200 Songs of the 1990s
20 songs per year is a really easy screening process.
Get the Picture: Boy Bands
Who Sang It - NKOTB, N'Sync, Backstreet Boys, or One Direction
Picture the Song II
If you can figure out the lyrics, you'll be music royalty.
50 Hit Artists to Click: 2002
Pick the artist who performed these 2002 songs.
The Singular Band Name
Honestly, you could have "The [Any Noun]" and make it into a band.
Missing Word: 4-Letter Words in US Albums
Name the missing four letter words to complete these US studio albums.
'A' Bands Album Match
The start of a complete series
Who was in ABBA?
Can you list the members of ABBA (first names accepted)?
Prepositions in Album Titles III
It's okay, you can admit to learning new prepositions while taking this quiz.
Their Only #1 Album
Can you choose the the only studio album that was #1 on the Billboard 200 Album chart for each artist?
Bands & Musicians by Song: 'U' and 'V'
All right stop, collaborate and listen... Sporcle's back with a brand new invention.
Classic Rock Typing Challenge
Name the classic rock–related words before time runs out.
The Last Word: Album Tracks II
Some people just always need to have the last word.
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