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Word Ladder: Don't Stop Objectin'
Name the 5-letter words in this before-and-after ladder.
Pick 3 Late 20th Century Songs
Can you pick three songs by each of these singers from the late 20th Century?
Word Ladder: '70s Bands
Name the 4 & 5-letter words in these themed word ladders.
Word Ladder: Eye of the Tiger
Name the four letter words in this word ladder themed around the lyrics of the popular theme song of Rocky III.
1-in-4 Shot: 80s Bands
It's all about getting everyone in one frame.
30 in 60: Music Artists
Hurry! Music waits for no one!
Quick Pick: 1960s Top 10 'N' Artists
Pick the N Artists that had top 10 US hits with these songs in the 1960s
Billboard Domination II
Poor Billboard, it probably doesn't deserve it.
Word Cloud Click: Rock Bands
Can you click the correct song title word cloud for each Rock and Roll Hall of Famer?*
Pixelated Album Covers
These album covers are really great, trust us.
Missing Word: Abbey Road
Name the missing words from the songs in The Beatles' album Abbey Road.
Super Band Mashups
Members of famous bands have joined together to form duos and have combined the names of their original bands. Can you choose the correct pictures of artists who would be part of these duos?
Bind Names!
Can you identify the new name of the band in the clue by changing one letter of their name in the answer?
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Music
In case you're looking for a new way to sort your record collection, this quiz has a few ideas.
Missing Word: Artists With Top 10 Hits: O
Name the 'O' words missing from the names of these artists who had Top 10 hits in the US.
30 in 60: Lead Singers
It's time for your lead-in.
The Last Word: Aussie Acts
They come from a land down under.
My Spotify playlists(2+3)
mostly b-sides+r&b(could be hard)
First Half/Last Half: Music
Name the bands when only given either letters from the first half (A-M) or last half (N-Z) of the alphabet.
Bands Acrostic
Name the Band for the given Musician to reveal another Musician down the middle, then fill in the Band for that Musician at the bottom.
One Direction Trivia
Name the One Direction Trivia.
Sunday Crossword: Four-Letter Bands
Rock out with a headbanging crossword.
Bohemian Rhapsody Clicky-oke
We are not responsible for any headbanging injuries caused by this Bohemian Rhapsody quiz.
K-Pop Shuffle (300 Songs) Pt. 4
K-Pop Shuffle (300 Songs) Pt. 4
Picture the Song II
If you can figure out the lyrics, you'll be music royalty.
Pop Music Artists
WARNING: May contain artists you do not like. Get over it.
The Beatles' Songs by Any Word
If you can't remember them all, just let it be.
Sunday Crossword: Six-Letter Bands
Complete this themed Crossword puzzle.
Crossword: The Four Seasons
Crossword puzzles are totally in season right now.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Music
This quizzes includes everything from The Beatles to Kpop.
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