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'H' First Names
We're about to find out how well you know your Hatties, Helmuts, and Hakeems.
Unisex Names in 2018 (US)
Name the top unisex names in the US in 2018.
'T' Names by 3 Surnames
T-Pain won't be making an appearance in this quiz.
If Elon Musk Named Harry Potter Characters
Name the Harry Potter characters from their Elon Musk-style name.
'G' First Names
Do they have an existential crisis if the "G" is pronounced like a "J"?
Premier League Peters
At the end, we're going to make all the Peters fight for the title of the most Premier Peter.
Top 150 consonant-heavy girl names (2018, Eng & Wales)
Name the baby girl names containing more consonants than vowels? (2018, England & Wales).
Get the Picture: King or President
Can you choose whether the first name has been used by a King of England/Great Britain, a President of the United States, or both?
'S' Names by 3 Surnames
Don't worry, we won't make you differentiate between Stephens and Stevens.
'F' First Names
Franks, Florences, and Farrahs are everywhere!
'E' & 'F' Names by 3 Surnames
Pick the first names that start with 'E' & 'F' when given the surnames of three famous people with that name.
Baby Boy Names: Rhyming Competition
We didn't realize parents were trying to create some kind of rhyme war with their kids in 1983, but hey.
Top 10 Boy Names Ending in 'E' per Decade
Name the Top 10 Boy Names Ending in 'E' per Decade.
Restated Boys' Names
But clearly not understated.
UK Top 100 Girls' Baby Names 1914
Name the UK Top 100 Girls' Baby Names 1914.
Let's Play Quidditch: Miscellaneous
Can you answer the following questions and make your way to the Golden Snitch? (see game notes)
Popular European Baby Names (Girls 2018)
Name the most popular names given to baby girls born in 2018 in the following Western European countries.
Fraternal Celebrity Twins
When given a picture of a celebrity, can you find their fraternal twin?
'R' Names by 3 Surnames
We're pretty sure you can get them with three hints. Four would just be overkill.
Restated Girls' Names
When in doubt, restate yourself progressively slower and louder.
'X', 'Y' & 'Z' Boy Names by Decade
Most of us see these letters as extra Scrabble points.
Top 100 Girl Names Containing C (2018)
Name the Top 100 Girl Names Containing C (2018).
Famous Duos by Image
Holy duos, Batman! They're all coming in pairs!
'B' Baby Names (2009)
Name the most popular baby names beginning with 'B' (2009).
Popular 'J' Boys' Names (US 2017)
Name the most popular names beginning with the letter 'J' given to baby boys born in the United States in 2017.
'P' Names by 3 Surnames
This quiz has plenty of Peter, Paul, and Perry.
Top Baby Names (2018)
Can you choose the top 10 names given to baby boys and girls in the USA in 2018?
Popular Francophone Baby Names (Boys 2018)
Name the most popular names given to baby boys born in the following French-speaking regions in 2018.
Baby Names: Top US (1890s)
You may not win with Winifred but don't get Madeleine about it.
Every 'R' Bible Name by Any 3 Letters
Can you name every Bible name beginning with the letter 'R' by any 3-letter sequence? See Game Note.
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