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Top 20 Baby Girl Names of the '60s
These names were really booming in the '60s.
Vowel-Beginning Baby Names (2015)
You just don't see that many babies named Ulysses anymore.
My Name Has Meaning III
Every baby name has meaning. These meanings are just way more obvious.
Top Baby Names (2015)
We think 'Sporcle' is a great name for a baby, but apparently that hasn't caught on yet.
Presidential Surnames as Popular First Names
It's almost like we are saying Taft is a poor choice for a first name. C'mon Taft Jones has a nice ring to it.
Y-Ending Boy Names
Y is near the end of the alphabet, it's only fitting that it's at the end of these names.
My Name Has Meaning II
Go ahead and introduce yourself to this quiz.
Y-Ending Girl Names
End of the alphabet, end of a name — no surprise here.
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