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Criteria Authors
Do you possess the right criteria to become a world famous author?
Find Five: 19th Century Lit
This is kind of like exploring an old library from the 19th century, only not really.
30 in 60: Classic Novels
We've heard of speed reading, but this is taking it too far.
Find Five: American Lit
Pick the five book titles for each American author.
Find Five: Brit Lit
If you're not confident in your British literature, this quiz might be a Comedy of Errors for you.
Missing Word: Entertainment 'I'
Name the missing 'Entertainment' words beginning with 'I.
Costa Book Awards: Author-Title Matchup
Can you match each Costa Award winning author to the book that won the award? (See 'How to Play' For Details')
Prepositions in Novel Titles II
Get lost IN these books.
Find Five: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Lit
Pick the five book titles for each sci-fi or fantasy author.
Double Dip: Author/Director II
These authors and directors just can't resist each other.
Poetry Sorting Gallery
This quiz is poetry in motion.
Double Dip: Author/Director
Good stories deserve to be told both in writing and on-screen.
Book Titles by Antonym
I wonder if you might have a copy of "Rarnaby Budge", by Charles Dikkens. That's Dikkens with two Ks, the well-known Dutch author.
Blackboard Blitz: Novels
Thankfully, computer screens don't get nearly as smudgy as the average blackboard.
Build a Book Title 'A'
It's hard to read a book built with Legos.
Quick Pick: Winnie-the-Pooh Stories
Pick the missing words from these original Winnie-the-Pooh stories by A. A. Milne.
Literature Speed-Picking
Speed readers, unite!
Female Characters Sorting Gallery
You're probably going to want to leave the ladies from Game of Thrones until the end. Just trust us on this one.
Book Titles by Antonym II
I remember reading Nothing Comes Together in college...good book.
Eliminate Your Options: Literature Edition
Can you choose the one answer left over AFTER eliminating the other choices via clues?
Which Children's Book Author?
You remember the books, but can you determine who wrote them?
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Literature
May the odds be ever in your favor.
30 in 60: Classic Novels II
Don't dilly dally with this, the time is sure to sneak up on you.
Novel Series Titles
If you've stuck with your favorite book series, this quiz will be a snap.
Lost in Translation: Book Titles
This is why you can never trust the Internet to give you a decent translation.
Authors by Words from Book Titles
Titles without words would be much harder.
Shakespeare or Batman?
For all we know Shakespeare IS Batman.
Who Said It? The Fellowship of the Ring
Pick the correct speaker for each of the following quotations from 'Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring' by J.R.R. Tolkien? .
Paint the Tyger
Can you finish the famous poem The Tyger by William Blake and help him paint its picture?
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