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Quick Pick: Stephen King Movies
Pick the movies based on Stephen King works while avoiding the decoys.
30 in 60: Classic Novels
We've heard of speed reading, but this is taking it too far.
Mark Twain Book: Any Word A-Z
Pick a word, any word.
30 in 60: Classic Novels II
Don't dilly dally with this, the time is sure to sneak up on you.
Centuries of Literature Minefield
Whether old or new, books can really transport you to a different realm.
Images for Every Subcategory: Literature
Can you choose the image that correctly answers each literature subcategory question?
Ruined By A Letter: Novels
These sound like fanfictions waiting to happen.
Quick Pick: Dickens Novels
Pick the missing words from these Dickens' novels.
Literary Characters (A-Z)
These characters reflect the alphabetical variety of the literary world.
Either/Or in 30: Authors
In 30 seconds, can you choose the author who wrote each of the 15 books?
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Literature
Can you sort the 100 Literature items in this 1 to 10 to 1 sorting gallery?
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Literature
May the odds be ever in your favor.
Quick Pick: French Novels
Pick the missing words from these French novel titles.
Shakespeare-Inspired Titles
Four hundred years on and the Bard is still a gift that keeps on giving.
Reverse Alphabet: Literature
For an extra challenge, read the questions in reverse too.
Quick Pick: German Literary Works
Pick the missing words in these German literary work titles.
Female-Led Novels Written by Men
Between pen names and initials, it can be pretty hard to tell who's who.
Quick Pick: Colorful Book Titles
Pick the colors missing from these book titles.
Quick Pick: Female Writers
Can you only pick the female writers?
Female Fiction Four
Sort out the works of these fabulous female authors.
Missing Word: 'D' Literature
Name the words beginning with the letter 'D' missing from the following books.
Right or Wrong Author?
This quiz will get a lot easier when all our books are written by computers.
Charles Dickens Book: Any Word A-Z
We have Great Expectations for this one.
Quick Pick: Italian Literary Works
Pick the missing words in these Italian literary work titles.
Categorize This: Literature
Shhh...There's no talking in the Sporcle library.
Which of the Two... Pieces of Literature
Hopefully you were paying attention in your high school Language Arts class.
A Century of Literature
You don't need your reading glasses, you'll only have time to scan the titles.
Who Am I? Authors
This is the stuff that was cut from the back-cover author's bio.
'The' Books Author Match-Up
This is the 'the' quiz you'll want to play today.
Forty Famous Women
This quiz is a tribute to women leaders throughout time.
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