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Literary Character or Place Name?
Can you choose whether each one-word name from literary works is of a Character or a Place?
Shakespeare Play by Movie Still
Pick the right Shakespeare Play by the Movie Still.
Books Turned into Plays
Name the books that have been turned into plays, based on their playbills.
2000s Author by Cover
Be glad it is not 2,000 authors by their cover!
Novel Trilogies
Three times the fun!
Authors, Rewritten
The two words in the clue are taken from two different works by an author. Can you pick the author?
'K' Authors
Only one letter separates them from being authors who are just 'OK'.
Get the Picture: Blume or Cleary
It's "Cleary" Judy Blume!
Literature Subcategories Historically Speaking
Name the questions about each Literature subcategory from a historical perspective.
Novels Missing Authors
What a novel concept!
Let's Draw the Harry Potter Logo
Can you answer the questions about all seven Harry Potter books to draw the logo?
Five Decade Books Medley
Can you guess the titles of these books, which have been sorted by a specific decade and author, from the images below?
Stephen King's Novels by Movie Still
Pick the right Stephen King's Novels and Novellas by a Movie Still.
3 Books by James Joyce
Can you pick 3 books by James Joyce?
Types of Shakespeare Plays
We wonder if Shakespeare had come up with his own types that we never heard about.
Quick Pick: 'W' Literature
Pick the works of literature starting with 'W' that match each of these authors in a minute.
10 to 1: Literary Villains
Can you select the villains that belong to each literary series or group of works by the same author?
Authors A-Z by Quote
Jury's still out on whether or not we sorted the authors or quotes alphabetically.
Vowel-less Book Titles and Authors Match-up
Match the Vowel-less Book Titles and Authors.
Memoir or Novel?
Alright, but what if the memoir was written about a fictional character?
Authors. Initials. Books. II.
But what if the book ended up becoming a movie...?
Summer Book Authors
Pick the book with summer in its title when given its author.
Two Initials And A Name
Complete the names of these famous people who are known by two initials and a last name.
Quick Pick: Click the Real Authors
Can you select only the names of real writers while avoiding the fictional ones?
''French'' in Classic Novels
Can you identify the classic novels and other literary works based on quotations containing the word 'French'?
US Playwright Match-Up
Pick the five plays written by the named playwright.
2010s Author by Cover
Name the authors of these books published in the 2010s.
5 in 15: Tennessee Williams' Plays
Can you correctly pick the five plays by Tennessee Williams in the allotted time while avoiding the decoys?
3 Books by Jane Austen
Can you pick 3 books by Jane Austen?
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