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Ernest Hemingway Novels
Odds are good you had to read most of these in high school and college, now is your chance to put that fancy education to work!
Children's Literature Characters
That must be why they're so short.
'The' Books Author Match-Up
This is the 'the' quiz you'll want to play today.
Who Wrote That 'A' Book?
These books didn't write themselves.
Literary Monster Match-Up
A few of these books are scary good.
Stephen King - Censored!
For the longest time, we couldn't figure out why there was a series of novels all titled 'STEPHEN KING'.
Literary Rejection Letters
This quiz best played along with a series of sad trombone slides.
Posthumously Published Authors
You have to wonder will we see a work from J.D. Salinger make this list someday?
Science Fiction Authors
I can't wait until the future when we all have flying cars, ray guns and body sweat recycling suits.
Paint by Trivia: 20th Century Fiction
Someone else wrote the books, but you can provide the illustrations.
Most Guessed on Sporcle (Literature)
Now we know what to read in the next Sporcle book club.
Characters in Children's Book Titles
Reading these book titles makes us feel very young indeed.
Blackboard Blitz: Novels
Thankfully, computer screens don't get nearly as smudgy as the average blackboard.
Reimagined Literature
Someday, if we are very lucky, there will be a re-imagining of the Cat in the Hat.
Titles: The (Adjective) (Noun)
For those who love books with three word titles, this is your quiz.
NOT in the Book Series
If these books were real, what would their plots be?
Sherlock Holmes Stories
The game is afoot!
Missing Word: Charles Dickens
Name the missing words or names from these books by Charles Dickens.
Art Medley Sorting Blitz
We guess you could say that taking this quiz will make you an interdisciplinary individual.
Lost in Translation: Book Titles
This is why you can never trust the Internet to give you a decent translation.
Blackboard Blitz: English Novelists
Suddenly we feel like we're in high school again.
Authors by Picture (A-Z)
For some reason we always picture all authors as looking somewhat like Alex Trebek.
Famous Figures: Who Died First?
This is one contest you don't want to win.
Either/Or in 30: Authors
Getting these authors mixed up might earn you a few weird looks.
Half n Half: Authors
These wouldn't be very convincing pen names.
4x4 Image Crossword: Authors
Sixteen books packed into just three minutes? It's easier than it sounds!
50 More Characters: 50 More Books
If you ever wanted to name a child after a literary character, we DON'T recommend most of these names.
Female Fiction Four
Sort out the works of these fabulous female authors.
Female Authors Match
These women know a thing or two about the written word.
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