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Who's Writing Green Eggs and Ham?
It was the greenest of hams, it was the pinkest of hams...
Books By Sporcle II
Someday, someone will write a book about Sporcle. And in that book, there will be at least 3 chapters about Kyrgyzstan.
Book Title-Author Mix
Hey, there's an author in my book!
20th Century Author Match-up
This century started with typewriters and ended with laptops.
Initial Authors
Pick the Initials that match each surname in an author's common identity.
Author By Character
The quiz that dares to ask, who is better known: the character or the author?
Author Name Slot Machine
You shouldn't have to take a gamble on any of these answers.
Missing Word: Trilogies in Literature
Name the missing words in each book of the trilogies by the listed authors.
Famous Historical 'E' First Names
Ever heard of these people? We're pretty sure you have.
'H' Authors
"In my writing, as much as I could, I tried to find the good, and praise it."
Missing Word: Books Beginning with 'D'
Name the words that are missing from the titles of these books from the 'D' section of the library.
Penguin Classics Book Covers
These are both great books as well as great covers, we're sure this is somehow creating a paradox.
The Clickable Dickens
You might say Charles Dickens is a great author, but really it's his character names that put him into legendary status.
Missing Word: Modern Library Best 100 Novels A-Z
Name the missing words in these Modern Library Best 100 Novels of the 20th Century, from A-Z.
Author Caricatures
Some people have faces for radio. Those same people would have great faces for literature.
'C' Authors
These authors help give the letter C a good name in the literary world.
Fictional Characters by Description IV
"Orphaned, bespectacled student wizard with a lightning-bolt-shaped forehead scar", obviously that is Victor Frankenstein.
Fictional Characters by Description III
These characters are used to full books, not measly quiz descriptions!
Fictional Characters by Description
Whole books have been written on these characters, but we've got them summed up in a few phrases.
The Writer's Life
Not every writer can live a life like Hemingway.
Novel by Opening Lines III
It'd be a lot faster to read these books if the opening line would sum up the rest of the story.
Missing Word: Poets & Playwrights (A-Z)
Name the alphabetically-ordered missing names for these playwrights or poets (A-Z)*.
Literature by the Same Author
Some writers actually get around to writing more than one novel. Take that Harper Lee!
Missing Word: 'A' Literature
Name the missing word beginning with 'A' in these book titles.
Authors Half Off
We're not sure what happened to these authors, but they probably deserved it.
Harry Potter: Russian Roulette II
Name the answers to the questions without naming the 'bullet' answer.
100 Novelists
It's likely that if you put all these authors in a room, a fight might break out.
Adaptations II: Books That Became Movies
As long as they star Nicolas Cage and his twin, we know they'll be fine.
Black the Block: Literature
Can you answer each Literature-themed question below to black out the grid and reveal the hidden final answer? (See 'How to Play' for further instructions)
Find Five: Kids' Lit
Pick the five book titles for each children's author.
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