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'A' Authors
These authors are always first...alphabetically speaking.
Poems By Random Lines
Look yourself in the mirror and say, 'I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and I art more lovely and more temperate.'
Disney Authors
Little known fact, Disney's film 'Dinosaur' was based on a lesser known work by Michael Crichton.
Fictional Characters by Description IV
"Orphaned, bespectacled student wizard with a lightning-bolt-shaped forehead scar", obviously that is Victor Frankenstein.
Who Am I? Authors
This is the stuff that was cut from the back-cover author's bio.
French Literature
This quiz is proof that the French should be known for more than just their dressing and fries.
Dan Brown Books
Don't be too surprised if you only get two of these.
Short Story Authors
Isn't it funny how one's work is often more famous than its creator.
Missing Middles: 'The' Books
Hopefully you'll be able to find some middle ground.
From Page to Picture
It's hard to satisfy the book lovers, but we sure do love seeing our favorite characters come to life.
Almost Useless Literature Trivia
A good book is never useless.
Authors from 3 Works
James Joyce was so lazy he only wrote 3 novels his entire career. Lazy writers aren't gonna make this quiz.
Nineteen Eighty-Four
It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.
The Last Word: Book Titles II
Those literature people always like to have the last word.
Doctored Literature
We're not sure that many of these characters are actually licensed physicians.
Author Word Match-up
These authors all wrote entire novels and there's only one word left? What happened to them?!
Authors by First Names
Do you know your favorite authors on a first name basis?
Match the Book to the Film
Hopefully you're good at adapting.
Male Author Match-Up
These male authors and their characters just need a little bonding time.
49 Writers Who Died Before 50
Typewriters and quill pens can be dangerous to your health.
Criteria Sorting Gallery: Americana
A slice of apple pie might not help you do better on this quiz, but it certainly can't hurt.
'A' Literature Match
These books all got an 'A' for effort!
Author Genders
Sometimes being an author is a dangerous job. It helps to obscure your gender.
Famous Books: Before & After
Looking for some great books? This quiz has you covered.
20 American Authors Slideshow
Whether they wrote with a quill, pen, or typewriter, these authors sure were great.
One Novel Wonders
We're just glad Vanilla Ice wrote a terrible rap song instead of a terrible novel for his one hit.
Pick the Dr. Seuss Books by Cover
We'll be honest, if some dude named Sam-I-Am followed us around and tried to force us to eat discolored food, we'd be wary to try it too.
Novels Written by Female Authors
Don't let their pseudonyms fool you.
Fantasy Authors by Setting
I guess you could say that these authors live in a world of their own.
Missing From the Cover: Classic Literature
If it's missing the notation for Pulitzer Prize, that's just rude.
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