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Categorize This: Literature
Shhh...There's no talking in the Sporcle library.
30 in 60: Classic Novels
We've heard of speed reading, but this is taking it too far.
Not My Book Chain
People claim things that don't belong to them all the time, but not these authors.
30 in 60: Classic Novels II
Don't dilly dally with this, the time is sure to sneak up on you.
Literature Bunker
If you ever end up stuck in a bunker, these are the books you'd want with you.
Who Am I? Authors
This is the stuff that was cut from the back-cover author's bio.
Born in May: GIF Calendar Pick - 2017
Pick the person who was born on the month, date and day of the week shown on this calendar? (See How to Play).
Not My Book Chain II (Multiple Choice)
Can you choose the book in each set not written by the author in each question in this 12 link chain?
Shakespeare or Batman?
For all we know Shakespeare IS Batman.
Counting Literature Characters
Here's a hint: the Grinch wasn't a part of the 'Twilight' love triangle.
Tales of the City Books
Name the books in Armistead Maupin's 'Tales of the City' series? (Hint: you can name at least one.).
5 Novels Per Author
Pick the five novels that each of these authors wrote.
Which of the Two... Pieces of Literature
Hopefully you were paying attention in your high school Language Arts class.
Three-Part Names: Authors
We have to assume the more names you have as an author, the more you get paid.
Find Five: Brit Lit
If you're not confident in your British literature, this quiz might be a Comedy of Errors for you.
Female Characters Sorting Gallery
You're probably going to want to leave the ladies from Game of Thrones until the end. Just trust us on this one.
Romance by Author
Match the author to the romantic novel.
Third in Line: Prolific Writers
Was the third time a charm for these authors?
Stephen King Novels
Merely seeing a picture of Stephen King creeps us out.
Literature Speed-Picking
Speed readers, unite!
English Literature Sorting Gallery
A little English lit for a well-read Brit...Or anyone else who enjoys reading.
20th Century Literature Match
If you didn't read at least a handful of these in high school, you must have gotten off easy.
A Literary Logic Puzzle
The bookworms amongst you will surely ace this quiz.
Finish the Book Title
Maybe this quiz will get me to finish that book I started.
Novel By Author 7-to-1
Can you match each novel to the correct author?
Colorful Book Clean-Up
Don't judge a book by its color.
20 Questions Wrong: Literature
One of the few Sporcle quizzes where we encourage you to get the answers wrong.
NOT in the Book Series
If these books were real, what would their plots be?
Authors 7-to-1
Can you match each author to their correct country of birth?*
Dr. Seuss Books by Cover
We'll be honest, if some dude named Sam-I-Am followed us around and tried to force us to eat discolored food, we'd be wary to try it too.
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