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Richard Matheson Novels
Name the novels that Richard Matheson has written.
Missing Word: Famous South American People
Name the missing word in each famous South American person's name.
Writers of Great Novels AND Non-Fiction
Name the authors who have works on both Modern Library's list of the 100 best novels AND 100 best non-fiction works.
Quick Pick: Left Handed Authors
Pick the correct left-handed authors.
Paint by Trivia: 20th Century Fiction
Can you paint a picture by answering trivia? Each correct answer will add another piece to the image on the canvas.
Who Am I? Authors
This is the stuff that was cut from the back-cover author's bio.
German Authors Match-up
Match the first and last names of these famous German* authors.
Welsh Author Name Match
Match the Welsh authors'* names.
10 to 1 Authors by Language
Match the authors with the language in which they originally wrote.
The Bookshelf
Without books, shelves just feel so empty.
Agatha Christie Novels by ANY Word
Agatha and Christie sound like such sweet names, and then you remember she was basically obsessed with murder.
True-Crime Author-Title Matchup
Who wrote these true-crime books?
Author by Cufflinks
Reading has never been so fancy.
Famous First Novels
Sometimes an author delivers an important work on their first try.
Dr. Seuss by Decade
A Dr. Seuss book for kids of all ages!
The Only One: Novels
Is it the odd one out or the odd one in?
Really Long Book Titles and the Authors Who Wrote Them
Can you select the authors of these books with notably long titles?
Novel By Author 7-to-1
Can you match each novel to the correct author?
An Author in the Passage II
Name the book when a word in the closing passage is replaced with the author's first name.
Novel titles in Norwegian
Do you name the English book titles for these Norwegian versions?
Differently Titled Movie Adaptions
Same story, different name.
'T' Authors
Name the authors whose last names begin with T.
An Author in the Passage
An author in the passage is worth two on the page.
Missing Word: Writer in the Middle
Pick the missing middle names of these famous writers.
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