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Game of Thrones 'Simpsonized'
This is a fan-fiction just waiting to happen.
A Song of Ice and Fire Logic Puzzle
'Weese, Dunsen, Chiswyck, Polliver, Raff the Sweetling. The Tickler and the Hound. Ser Gregor, Ser Armory, Ser Ilyn, Ser Meryn, King Joffrey, Queen Cersei.'
Game of Thrones 'Simpsonized' Part 2
Name the Game of Thrones characters based on their 'Simpsonsized' drawings.
Game Of Thrones Logic Puzzle Based On The Show
Game Of Thrones Logic Puzzle Based On The Show
A Game of European Thrones
Europe has been transformed into the Westerosi Union! Can you change the names of these places back to normal?
Game of Thrones 'Simpsonized': Death Edition *SPOILERS*
Name the Game of Thrones characters based on their 'Simpsonsized' death.
Multi-Category Blitz: Game of Thrones
Can you sort these Game of Thrones related terms in the correct categories before time runs out?
Game of Thrones 20 Questions I
Can you answer the Game of Thrones multiple choice trivia questions (part 1)?
Game of Thrones Dragons
What do you think the dragons get Daenerys for Mother's Day?
Progressively Harder GoT Characters
We bet the easy to spell characters are all at the beginning.
ASOIAF Top 300 Characters
Don't worry Game of Thrones fans, this quiz is spoiler free.
ASOIAF Jon Snow Logic Puzzle
Start with Jon Snow
ASOIAF Siblings Logic Puzzle
Name the characters of 'A Song of Ice and Fire' that go in each box (see note).
Ultimate Minefield Blitz IV
Can you put the items in their Sporcle categories* before time runs out?
The North Logic Puzzle (ASOIAF)
Who will end up on the Iron Throne?
Game of Thrones Characters
Brace Yourself.
ASOIAF Logic Puzzle
Can you determine the locations of the ASOIAF characters?
Game of Thrones: Dead or Alive?
Main characters die like flies on this show! So does everyone else, for that matter.
ASOIAF Minefield: Order of Death
It's never smart to get too attached to a character on Game of Thrones, you never know how long they'll last.
ASOIAF Top 50 Minefield
You know nothing, Jon Snow.
Hodor's Most Spoken Words in ASOIAF
If this goes well, we'll have to roll out that Groot sequel.
A Song of Ice and Fire Logic Puzzle
Name the characters to put in each box.
Female Characters Sorting Gallery
You're probably going to want to leave the ladies from Game of Thrones until the end. Just trust us on this one.
Game of Thrones Logic - Character Criteria I
Can you place the Game of Thrones characters without guessing? Make sure to read the 'How to Play'!
Game of Thrones Houses Sorting Gallery
Kind of like the Sorting Hat and the houses at Hogwarts, only you're more likely to get hurt.
ASOIAF Logic Maze
Can you help Arya to find her mother again in this maze?
ASOIAF: Logic Maze (Picture Click)
Can you help Cersei to find Myrcella in this clickable logic maze (See Game Note)?
ASOIAF King's Landing Liars Logic Puzzle
Deduce whether each character is (I)nnocent, (C)omplicit, or (M)urderer -- but watch out for the liars!
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