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Miller Analogies Test: Geography Edition
Can you answer these questions in a Geography edition of a Miller Analogies Test?
Former Countries by Continent
Can you choose the Continent for these former countries?
Continental Extremes - Countries by Area
Name the three largest and smallest countries by area in each continent? *.
China Minesweeper
Hiding behind the wall won't save you here.
Country Flag by Socks Click II
Can you click the socks that depict the flag of the given country?
Capital Cities of Asia
We're assembling our travel plans for the Eastern Hemisphere. This is a polling device.
Sudoku: Countries of the World
Can you correctly place each country of the world on the 4x4 Sudoku grid? (See 'How to Play')
'Stan' Countries by Outlines
There's at least one 'Stan' country everyone should know.
Country Grid: Japan
God Bless Japanica
Word Ladder: Persian Gulf Capital and Country
Name the 3-letter words in this geography themed Word Ladder.
Bangkok Typing Challenge
If nothing else, you'll learn about Bangkok's insanely long formal name.
Turkmenistan by Sporcle Category
The Great Turkmenbashi will be pleased
Sporcle's Easiest Asian Capital (per Letter)
Time to plan your Asian vacation.
Closest Countries to Kyrgyzstan
Useful data for off-road travelers.
Supreme Leaders of North Korea
You just have to remember three answers here.
Driving from Baku to Casablanca
Name the countries you'd drive through, on the shortest route, from Baku to Casablanca.
Countries of Asia That Start with a Vowel
Sorry, there's no such country as 'East Korea' right now.
Asia Capitals Crossword
You'll know where Sri Lanka's is pretty quick
Pride Parades Around The World
Today marks the fiftieth anniversary of the start of the Stonewall Riots.
Find on Map: Largest Islands of Asia
Can you find the Top 20 Largest Islands of Asia on the Map?
Letter Bag - Asian Countries
Reach in the bag, pull out a country.
Letter Pyramid - Asian Capitals
Most people know the Pyramids in Africa, but can you complete this Asian one?
Country Flags by Clocks
Make sure to beat the clock!
Bounding Box: Iran
Name the countries (other than Iran) which are partly or completely included in the bounding box* of Iran.
'Lengthy' Wars
Pick the wars named for their length, given their start year and belligerents.
Never the Flag
Given four flags, pick the one that has never been used as that nation's national flag.
Japan Geography Bunker
Bunker with the beasts?
Letter Pyramid - Asian Countries
It turns out Egypt does not have a monopoly on pyramids.
-stans by Direction
Pick the '-stan' country described by each directional clue.
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