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Asian 'T' Countries
Everyone knows that the best 'T' comes from Asia.
Asian 'U' Countries
There's enough room in Asia for U and me.
Asian Capital Search
This quiz is just like Where's Waldo...if Waldo were a capital in Asia.
Sporcle's Forgotten Countries
There are 197 countries, some of them are bound to be forgotten every once in a while.
Asian Country by Two Hints
Here's a hint: they're all in Asia.
Build Asia Contiguously
Can you fill out this map of Asia by naming ONLY countries that border those already appearing on the map below? (See 'How to Play' for specifics.)
The Pakistan Quiz
Some of you will do Islamabad on this quiz, others will do Islamabetter.
30 Second Blitz: Communist Countries
Name the all the countries which are currently under Communist rule in under 30 seconds.
Click the Red Sea Countries sure looks like a blue sea to us.
Last Five: UN Members by Continent
Don't forget all those countries in Antarctica!
60 Second Blitz: Asia
60 Seconds. 48 Countries. 1.25 Seconds per country...good luck!
Countries of Asia with Unique Starting Letters
Just be thankful that we're using the Roman alphabet for this quiz.
Hidden Neighbors of Afghanistan
Has anyone checked the mountains? Because that's the first place we'd look.
Hidden Neighbors of Turkey
Can you find the bordering countries of Turkey?
Hidden Neighbors of China
Let's play a little country hide-and-seek.
Landscapes of Asia
Name the countries of Asia by these desktop wallpaper-worthy photos of their scenery and landscapes.
Click the Country: 'D' Cities
Pick the country where these pairs of 'D' cities are located.
Anything but Turkey
Don't worry, Turkey, you still have a giant tasty bird named after you.
Countries Ending in Vowels (Asia)
These countries all end in vowels, so at least you won't have to spell Kyrgyzstan.
10 Largest Countries in Asia
We hear they grow countries pretty big in Asia.
Misspelled Asia Blitz
Let's see just how far east your spelling travels.
Beginner Japanese Kanji
Name the right Japanese word for each kanji.
The Philippines Quiz
Philippines Fact: There are over 7,000 islands in the Philippines.
Most Populous 'Q' Cities by Continent
Name the most populous city (or town) beginning with Q for every continent.
A Country Per Letter: Asia
Can you name a Asian Country per letter, which also makes all the other ones appear?
Countries of Asia by Airport
Name the countries of Asia given the name of the capital city's airport.
2 Borders 1 Country II
You know you're getting desperate if you start guessing islands.
Fix the Middle East Map
Can we fix it? Yes we Canaan!
ANY Asian Metro (A-Z)
The best thing about an Asian cities A-Z quiz is that there's no shortage of options for 'X' and 'Q'.
Geography Grab Bag: Asia
You may need a grab bag of tricks to get 100% here.
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