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Closest Countries to Mount Everest
You definitely have a steep mountain ahead to climb.
Click the Country: 'Q' Cities
Pick the country where these pairs of 'Q' cities are located.
Click the Country: 'M' Cities
Pick the country where these pairs of 'M' cities are located.
Click the Country: 'H' Cities
Pick the country where these pairs of 'H' cities are located.
Asian Cities on a Map (A-Z)
Watching Temple of Doom too many times has really skewed our view of Asian geography.
Largest Country of Asia per Letter Minefield
These countries are so big you CAN see them on a map!
Asian 'L' Countries
You might be looking for 'L' in all the wrong places.
ANY Asian Metro (A-Z)
The best thing about an Asian cities A-Z quiz is that there's no shortage of options for 'X' and 'Q'.
Landlocked Asia: Clickable
We know which answer you're going to pick first.
7:1 Countries of Asia
Name the Asian Countries that belong to each grab bag category below? (Please read 'How to Play' for additional instructions).
Asia: What Does It Border?
Hopefully this doesn't cross the line.
The Pakistan Quiz
Some of you will do Islamabad on this quiz, others will do Islamabetter.
Fix the Middle East Map
Can we fix it? Yes we Canaan!
Asia by First and Last Letters Blitz
Basically, just ignore about half your keyboard for a bit.
Two Degrees of Separation - Iran
Kevin Bacon is involved in all of this somehow.
Landmark by Uncommon Photo
Can you recognize these landmarks from a different angle?
India 25 Most Populous Cities on a Map
Name the cities of India with population over 1.000.000 people.
Hidden Neighbors of Afghanistan
Has anyone checked the mountains? Because that's the first place we'd look.
Most Visited Asian Countries
For the largest continent by area we'd expect there to be a lot of travelling going on.
Border Checkup: Southeast Asia
No need to see a doctor, but a geographer could help.
Cover the Alphabet - Asian Capitals
By naming Asian capitals, can you cover up all the letters of the alphabet? Each capital you name will cover up any letters contained in it.
Countries Parallel to Qatar
Are you in the mood for some latitude?
Asia by Five Letters
Take five and give this a try.
Asia Population Map Crawl
Just make sure not to crawl to a halt.
Flag Color Click: India
Leave it to India to have very specific color names for their flag.
Flag Color Click: Russia
In glorious Russian Federation, flag salutes you!
Seas of Southeast Asia
How many seas can you see?
The Israel Quiz
We're suddenly very hungry for some couscous.
Asian Country Letter Pair Blitz
Double the letters, double the fun.
Picture Click-a-Stan
Sometimes we wish every country would end in -stan.
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