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Largest Islands of the Pacific Ocean
Places that attracted Magellan, Cook, Gauguin and nowadays millions of tourists.
Countries by Size (Asia)
Name the Asian countries by size.
Separated Cities (Russia)
Can you rejoin the two halves of these Russian city names?
Click the Country: 'L' Cities
Turns out that show on Showtime - 'The L Word’ - had nothing to do with geography.
Country Sets II
Ready, set, country (err...go.)
Click the Country: 'C' Cities
We'd be happy if all of these cities bordered a sea. Alas, we can't have everything.
Landlocked Asia Map
Yeah, it's a pretty long walk to the beach from there.
Capital Location: Asia
If you're gonna locate your Asian capitals, you gotta find your Seoul-mate.
-Stan Country Borders
Stan called. He wants you to stop calling his neighbors' names.
Asian Country by Banknote
Money doesn't grow on trees, but you can find it in Sporcle quizzes.
10 Largest Countries in Asia
We hear they grow countries pretty big in Asia.
EUROPE but Not European
Eur-in for a good one here.
Syria's Borders
It's hard to say which has been in the news more: Syria or Miley Cyrus.
Most Populous Country of Asia per Letter Minefield
With over 4 billion people living in Asia, there are lots of very populous countries. Hitting at least one mine is inevitable.
Asian 'L' Countries
You might be looking for 'L' in all the wrong places.
ANY Asian Metro (A-Z)
The best thing about an Asian cities A-Z quiz is that there's no shortage of options for 'X' and 'Q'.
Asian Countries by History
Asia is the world's largest continent, and they managed to stuff a lot of history in there too.
Asian Capital Border Blitz
One capital will give you 14 other answers, but we won't say which one.
10 Most Populated Countries in Asia
Possibly also the 10 Worst Rush Hours in Asia.
Geography Trivia
Name the Geography Trivia.
Sporcle's Forgotten Countries
There are 197 countries, some of them are bound to be forgotten every once in a while.
Asia (Redux)
There are 49 countries in Asia, how hard could this possibly be?
Gimme Five: Asian Geography
Giving every person in Asia a high five would result in a very sore palm.
Middle Eastern countries
Name the countries of the (arguable) Middle East.
McDonald's invaded Asia!
Can you click the 10 Asian Countries with the most McDonald's Restaurants?
Association Trivia V
Can answer these questions where the following question is based on the previous answer?
Female Grand Slam Winners by Country
Name the tennis players from various countries who won a Grand Slam.
Earn Those Time Badges II
Pick the Earn Those Time Badges II.
First Level Divisions of the Middle East
Name the first level divisions of the nations of the Middle East and the Caucasus.
Most Populous 'A' Cities by Continent
Name the most populous city beginning with A for every continent.
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