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Landmark by Necklace
Pick the necklace which was inspired by each iconic landmark.
Countries of Asia Without Outlines
These outlines are just imaginary anyway.
Countries of Asia
There are over 4 billion people in Asia, try not to let them down.
Asia Minesweeper I
Can you click your way through Asia without hitting a mine (see game note)?
Erase Asia
How would Asia feel about getting erased like this?
6 to 1: Asia
Can you provide the answers from Ichi to Roku?
Word Ladder: Lenin's Locale
Name the 3- and 4-letter words in this geography-themed word ladder.
Cities Sorting Gallery VII
Sorta knowing cities isn't going to help when sorting these cities.
Find the Countries of Asia
You get 10 minutes to find the countries of Asia...apparently they are a little bit lost.
6 to 1: Population
Name the answers to fit these Population-related categories.
On A Map: Asia
One piece of advice for this quiz: Never start a land war in Asia.
Most Visited Asian Countries
For the largest continent by area we'd expect there to be a lot of travelling going on.
Most Visited Cities of Asia
Bishkek certainly won't help you here.
Capitals of Asia
If you're looking to find the head honcho for any Asian country, look no further than this quiz.
Minefield Map: Asian Capitals
It's one thing to have your capitals memorized. It's a whole other matter to find them on a map.
Obscure Knowledge - Countries of Asia
Entering everyone's favorite K-Country won't get you 100%, but you'll get close.
Fix the Asia Map
You're going to need more than a Band-Aid to mend this broken map.
'B' in Asia
Hang on, there's no 'B' in Asia...
Least Populous Country of Asia per Letter Minefield
Asia has 4 billion people in it, it's up to you to find where all these people aren't living.
'T' in Asia
Name the things in Asia that begin with the letter 'T'.
Country by Necklace
Pick the necklace which represents the shape of each country.
Continent by Necklace
Pick the necklace which represents the shape of each continent (either fully or partially).
Find the Countries of Southeast Asia
We never knew they went missing?
Country by Necklace II
Pick the necklace which represents the shape of each country.
Clickable Countries by Continent
If we were still all part of Pangea, this quiz would be a no-brainer.
Rainy Country, Dry Country
Name the driest and wettest countries per continent by average annual precipitation.
Erase Asia by Capital (No Outlines)
Click each country by capital city to completely erase the continent without getting one wrong and without the help of any borders.*
☠ Countries of Asia: No Outlines Minefield
Pick the countries of Asia without outlines? (For a warming up non-minefield version, check out the quiz in the playlist below this one.).
'A' in Asia
We actually see two A's in Asia.
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