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15 in 15: Countries of Asia
Be thankful you don't have to click all 49 countries of Asia in 15 seconds.
Capital Cities of Asia
We're assembling our travel plans for the Eastern Hemisphere. This is a polling device.
Countries of Asia
There are over 4 billion people in Asia, try not to let them down.
15 in 15: Capitals of Asia
Pick the 15 capitals of Asia in 15 seconds.
Sudoku: Countries of the World
Can you correctly place each country of the world on the 4x4 Sudoku grid? (See 'How to Play')
Find the Countries of Asia
You get 10 minutes to find the countries of Asia...apparently they are a little bit lost.
Clickable Countries by Continent
If we were still all part of Pangea, this quiz would be a no-brainer.
Erase Asia
How would Asia feel about getting erased like this?
Country Flag by Socks Click II
Can you click the socks that depict the flag of the given country?
Capitals of Asia
If you're looking to find the head honcho for any Asian country, look no further than this quiz.
'Stan' Countries by Outlines
There's at least one 'Stan' country everyone should know.
Pacific Cities: North to South
In the Asian-Pacific, living is east-y.
Flags of Asia
With the Beijing Olympics sadly behind us, this might be one of the few times you see all these flags together before the Vancouver Winter Games in two years.
Hide Asia's Flags (Minefield)
Normally a tarp works better than a minefield for hiding things.
► Countries of Asia: No Outlines ☠ Mines ☠
Pick the countries of Asia without outlines? (For a warming up non-minefield version, check out the quiz in the playlist below this one.).
Cities Sorting Gallery IV
Even cities need to be sorted out sometimes.
Erase Asia by Capital
Anyone else notice something missing?
Erase Asia (No Skips)
Click each country in the prompted random order to completely erase the continent without getting one wrong.
Sporcle's Easiest Asian Capital (per Letter)
Time to plan your Asian vacation.
Countries & Capitals Sorting Blitz II
This quiz will be tough for those of you with sort term memory problems.
Bangkok Typing Challenge
If nothing else, you'll learn about Bangkok's insanely long formal name.
Southeast Asian Country by Capital (Picture Click)
Can you correctly find the countries of south and southeast Asia based on their capitals in one minute without making any mistakes?
Countries of Asia: Logic Puzzle
Name the Asian countries from the clues given.
Find the Countries of Southeast Asia
We never knew they went missing?
Obscure Knowledge - Countries of Asia
Entering everyone's favorite K-Country won't get you 100%, but you'll get close.
How did Dick, Tom, and Harry get to Taiwan?
How can they possibly afford these trips?!
One of the Group: Geography Crossword
Can you fill this crossword where each answer is one of the group given in the clue?
Cover the Alphabet - Asian Countries
By naming Asian countries, can you cover up all the letters of the alphabet? Each country you name will cover up any letters contained in its name.
Sporcle's Easiest Capitals (Per Continent)
It's so easy a non-Sporcler could do it.
Asian Capital Match
Jakarta take this quiz, it's good for the Seoul.
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