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Music Groups Grab Bag
Combine all these answers together, and you'll have Sporcle's version of a super group.
5 by 5 Musicians
If we got all these musicians in a room together and had them write a song, we'd probably get the best song ever made.
Musicians' Signatures
Name the musicians by their signatures.
Album by First 3 Songs
Because, as we all know, an album without its beginning is just bum.
'i'-Tunes (not what you think)
Name the top 40 song titles by the listed acts where the ONLY VOWEL in the title is 'I'.
Twenty One Pilots Songs
Not to be all judgy, but do you really need 21 pilots in one plane?
Colorful Bands Picture Click
Color these bands, just don't 'Color Me Badd'.
5 Seconds of Summer Songs by Other Artists
Pick the 5 Seconds of Summer Songs that have the same name as songs by other artists.
😐 NOT-so-Greatest Hits (K, L & M acts)
Match the artist to their 3 biggest hits on the Billboard Hot 100 that failed to reach the top 10. (Quiz 5 of 8)
Finish the Lyric
If you try this quiz at work, you might warn your colleagues that you could be spontaneously breaking into song for the rest of the day.
VH1's 100 Songs ('90s)
Through no control of our own, 'MMMBop' is a clue on this quiz.
Bohemian Rhapsody Clicky-oke
We are not responsible for any headbanging injuries caused by this Bohemian Rhapsody quiz.
Best Songs (2000s)
Why just take a quiz when you can also help choose the best songs of the decade?!
😐 NOT-so-Greatest Hits (N-R acts)
Match the artist to their 3 biggest hits on the Billboard Hot 100 that failed to reach the top 10. (Quiz 6 of 8)
Music Clip Challenge
Name that tune...quickly!!!
Artist by First #1 Hit
Pro Tip: 'You Give Love a Bad Name' wasn't by Beyoncé but oh how we wish it had been.
The Beatles' Songs by Any Word
If you can't remember them all, just let it be.
Numerical Bands
Can you click the number that completes the names of the following bands?
Born in August: GIF Calendar Pick - 2017
Pick the person who was born on the month, date and day of the week shown on this calendar? (See How to Play).
Singer to Soundtrack Match
The Magic Carpet could really use some seat belts.
Music Clip Challenge II
Nothing like having 47 different songs in your head at the same time.
The Beatles: A Day in the Life (Clicky-oke)
Does anyone actually know what they're saying at the end of this song?
4 Second Music Challenge
So good you may have to play it a 'second' time.
Top 100 Bands (1984)
If you owned hairspray stock in 1984, things were certainly looking...up.
Two-Word Album Titles by Image III
Name these two-word album titles when shown the album cover.
Artists by Their Final Work
These paintings had the final say.
Musician by Picture
You know their voices, but do you know their faces?
100 Greatest Artists (Rolling Stone vs. VH1)
Rolling Stone and VH1 may cater to a similar audience, but they don't ALWAYS agree.
Musician Images (A-Z) II
From A-side to Z-side, this quiz has you covered.
30 in 60: Music Artists II
We are pretty darn sure that Marvin Gaye recorded Oops!... I Did It Again.
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