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Music Group Name Beginnings
If you're stumped, at least you'll be able to use the options as a band name generator.
'Baby' Songs
Not to be mistaken for songs for babies.
Word Ladder: TWICE Songs
Name the four-letter words in this TWICE song-themed word ladder.
Who's That With Tupac Shakur?
Name the person pictured with Tupac Shakur.
Crossword: Rock Artists by Songs
If we put them all together do we get the ultimate rock artist?
Color by Trivia: Starry Night
Can you paint 'Starry Night' by selecting the shape of the painting that contains the answer to each question about the painting and its creator? Be warned, there are some decoys! [See How to Play]
Music Speed-Picking
Try to pick everything to the rhythm of the songs in the quiz.
Draw a Badge: Blank Canvas
Kudos if you manage to earn a badge by playing this quiz.
Whose K-pop Song Is This?
You can also choose whose it is not, and click the other one.
Sorting Blitz: Musicians
Singing makes sorting more fun.
Musician by Picture
You know their voices, but do you know their faces?
The Beatles' Songs by Any Word
If you can't remember them all, just let it be.
Twenty One Pilots Songs
Sometimes quiet is violent.
Musical Artist Sorting Blitz
This will be like shuffling through your music library really fast.
Missing Lyrics: Africa
Can you give the missing lyrics of Africa by Toto?
10 to 1: 80s Pop Songs
It's time to take this quiz and pop off.
When Harry Met Pop Songs
Can you work out which artists have had their pop songs altered to fit with the Harry Potter universe?
Historical Figure by Paper Doll
Don't worry, this isn't voodoo.
Rap Music Artists Slideshow
If you're in need of a rhyme, this quiz has the time.
Bohemian Rhapsody Clicky-oke
We are not responsible for any headbanging injuries caused by this Bohemian Rhapsody quiz.
Find the van Gogh Paintings
Someday Nintendo will make his work a runaway game for your mobile phone called Pokémon Gogh.
Twelve Famous 'C' Paintings
Pick the twelve famous paintings from the artists given.
Find the Dalí Paintings
Surrealist art is an adventure, enjoy the existential dread.
Best Songs (2000s)
Why just take a quiz when you can also help choose the best songs of the decade?!
300 KPop songs on shuffle
Name the artists of 300 KPop songs that come on when I shuffle my playlist.
Finish the Lyric
If you try this quiz at work, you might warn your colleagues that you could be spontaneously breaking into song for the rest of the day.
Art In Movies
Can you name first the movie, then either the artist or the artwork, in each image?
VH1's 100 Songs ('90s)
Through no control of our own, 'MMMBop' is a clue on this quiz.
'About' Songs
Pick the correct words to complete these song titles.
Jonas Brothers Songs
They're like back together now?
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