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Toys and Games by Mural
Are you about to go on a childhood nostalgia trip? Yes, probably.
Female Artists & Their Works
Match the female artists to their artwork.
Paintings After Dark
Can you choose the painting set at night or in darkness for each given artist?
Draw a Badge: Blank Canvas
Kudos if you manage to earn a badge by playing this quiz.
Bible Book Story Art
What depicted story comes from what book of the Bible?
Paint the Ancient Greek Art
Can you answer the questions about ancient Greek art to reveal the image?
Things in the Penn Museum
Can you answer the questions regarding things in the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology?
Religion by Art
Can you click the pieces of art associated with each religion?
Find the DalĂ­ Paintings
Surrealist art is an adventure, enjoy the existential dread.
Stained Glass Celebrities
You won't find these in a Renaissance Cathedral.
Headgear in Art
Pick the correct work of art showing things worn on the head.
Art Medley Sorting Blitz
We guess you could say that taking this quiz will make you an interdisciplinary individual.
Painting By Century Matchup
For each painting listed, can you select the century in which it was created?
Samuel Morse: Coded Paintings
Pointillism anyone?
Black the Block: History
Just don't use a sharpie on your computer screen to fill in the blocks.
Rebuild Notre-Dame
Can you answer the questions about Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris to reveal the image and quote?
Paintings by Bible Verse
Can you choose the painting based on the narrative from which each given verse (KJV) is taken?
Rainy Day at the Art Museum
Can you choose the painting relating to rain (or perhaps some similar phenomenon) for each given artist?
Animals by Painted Eggs
Even animals celebrate Easter.
Artistic Good Friday
Be thankful you don't have to spell 'Gethsemane.'
History of Painting : XIXth Century part 1 (Slideshow)
Name the XIXth century painters who painted these masterworks.
The Easter Story in Art
Name the famous painters as you go through the Easter Story
Get Up in the Air!
Pick the moves by a badly-drawn stick-figure doodle? (See How to Play for important details.).
Holidays by Painted Eggs
Do you recognize which holidays and other special days these painted eggs are representing?
Art in the Barnes Foundation
Can you answer the questions regarding things in the Barnes Foundation?
Religious Figures by Mural
Name the religious/spiritual figures from these murals and street art works.
Who is Banksy?
How much do you know about Banksy? Answer the questions posed on the following slides and find out.
Hand-Drawn Classic Comic Strip Characters
Computer animated comic strip characters need not apply.
Sports by Nail Art
Actually playing sports with these nails is not advised.
Film by Mural
It's like a drive-in movie, but stuck on one frame forever.
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