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10 to 1: Literary Movements
Pick the works belonging to the given literary movement or period.
Art and Theft (A Slideshow)
Name the artist of each of these notable works that have been stolen.
Boats in Art (Slideshow)
Name the artist of each of these paintings that prominently feature boats.
Haiku Multiple Choice: Art
What's a picture worth?
Just seventeen syllables,
Or a thousand words?
Cats in Art
Match the paintings of cats with their titles and artists.
Find American Paintings
Just pick the paintings with the most bald eagles.
The Art of War
Match the work of art to the war - choose from options A-D below.
Can you draw Amy?
Can you draw Amy Winehouse by typing in the lyrics of her song 'Valerie'?
Painting a Blank: Vincent van Gogh
Can you fill in the blanks to complete the titles of these paintings by Vincent van Gogh?
Quick Pick: Female Writers
Can you only pick the female writers?
Fantasy Dinner Party: Great Painters
Can you identify these great painters who are gathered at this fantasy dinner party (as prompted)?
Word Ladder: Two Japanese Art Forms
Name the 5-letter words in this ladder leading from one Japanese art form to another.
Which Museum Is It In?
You know, in case you're planning a major art heist in the near-future.
Find the Cupcake Paintings
Cupcake design is the most delicious art form.
South Park's Last Supper
Can you find all the boys in South Park's impression of Leonardo's Last Supper?
The Last Supper Picture Click
Pick the correct person in Da Vinci's 'The Last Supper' when prompted.
Famous Paintings with Doctor Who?
Name the Famous Paintings (or the artists) being parodied by the TV show Doctor Who.
Musician by Statue
It's only fitting that these artists turn into art themselves.
Famous Paintings Close-Up
Even zoomed in, these paintings are incredible.
Corn Maze Art
These corn mazes are so amazing, they could only be made by aliens.
Amazing Street Art Slideshow
Does it count as graffiti if it's this awesome?
Painters by Cake
Food quizzes always make us so hungry.
Country by Religious Item
We're guessing you're not supposed to touch any of these artifacts.
British Museum Collection
We cannot confirm or deny whether these objects come to life after the museum closes.
Game of Thrones meets Disney (Slideshow)
Name these Disney-like Game of Thrones houses (1-4), and characters (5-16)? If there are multiple characters in one image, any of them are accepted. .
Sword Art Online Characters (Slideshow)
Name the SAO character from their picture.
Actress by Painting
Aren't these women objectified enough?!
Music Artist By Painting
Musicians make for some ....interesting paintings.
Art Elements & Principles
Can you name all of the elements and principles of art?
Pixel Presidents (US)
Diesel Sweeties's 'Pixel Presidents' basically imagines US Presidents as something out of Minecraft.
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