Arrested Development Quizzes

An Arrested Development Production
As It Is Such, So Also As Such Is It Unto You
The Many Disguises of Gene Parmesan
Isn't Gene the best? (Gene was far from the best.)
Arrested Development Bunker
I would've learned about bunkers at Army, but we had a half day.
TV Shows by 4 Characters
Some things are just best in fours.
Will Arnett: BoJack Horseman or Arrested Development
In some animated alternate universe, BoJack Horseman is hanging out with Mr. Bananagrabber.
A Magician Named G.O.B.
Where am I? Am I in two-thirds of a hospital room?
Who Said It? Arrested Development
We think Tobias would have been a great addition to the Blue Man Group.
Missing Word: GOB Bluth
Yeah, like the guy in the $3,000 suit is going to take a missing word quiz.
AD Episode Titles Used in Dialogue
If there had been an episode titled, "Come on!" then it would definitely be an answer in this quiz.
Follow that Line: Arrested Development S2 - Episode 3
Why go see a Star War when you could be playing Sporcle quizzes?
Arrested Development Name Chain 2.0 (Clickable)
Take this quiz just because the fat man dared you to!
Arrested Development Typing Challenge
I'll bet you can type faster than the stair car can drive.
The Business of Arrested Development
There's always money in the banana stand.
'Arrested Development' Blue Man-ia
I'm afraid this quiz will make you blue yourself.
Other Shows and Movies of the Arrested Development Cast
Too bad this only includes TV & movies. I want a slide for the Blue Man Group!
Missing Word: Arrested Development Episodes (A-Z)
There's always money in the ________ stand.
Follow That Line: George Michael Bluth
Sit back with a mayonegg and enjoy this quiz.
Arrested Development Alphabet
Thinking of the alphabet just reminded me - where can I get one of those gold necklaces with a 'T' on it?
Most Lines in Arrested Development (Updated)
Miss this quiz and you've made a huge mistake.
Arrested Development Surnames
Marry your cousin, and you might be able to keep the same surname!
Follow that Line: Arrested Development Narrations
This quiz is even better than winning an Opie Award.
Tobias, you blowhard!
There's no way to effectively hide this quiz's thunder.
Famous Arrested Development Guests Stars
Can you tasty those meaty guest star parts in your mouth?
Arrested Development Episodes by any word
Warning: Analrapist is not a real word.
Arrested Development Characters by Nickname
I use "Pop-pop" as a nickname for something I have in the attic.
Arrested Development Characters by First Line
Knowing "first" things is great... unless it's your wife's name. Was it Crindee?
Trump or Bluth Quote?
Perhaps Donald Trump is a Milford man - he should be neither seen nor heard.
Mixed Word: Arrested Development
GOTHIC NOUN! Sorry, I meant NO TOUCHING! I'm seeing everything as mixed words now.
Missing Word: Minor Arrested Development Characters
Play this quiz and don't leave your uncle Tea Bag hangin'!
Which Arrested Development character...
This quiz has Pop Pop in the attic.
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