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Missing Member: Entertainment
Can you choose the missing member of each Entertainment group, set or pair?
Anime by Picture
Anime fans, this is your quiz.
Pick the Characters from Naruto
Aren't people starting to know him as Boruto's dad now?
JoJo's Bizarre Logic Quiz
Name the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure characters for certain boxes according to each clues? .
Anime Titles: Real or Fake?
If it's not real now, it probably will be real someday.
Name the Naruto Characters
Name the Naruto Characters .
Name That Anime
This might be the most anime-ated quiz on Sporcle.
1A Speed quiz
Can you name all of the BNHA class 1A characters in 1 minute?
Fairy Tail Murder Mystery Easy
Name those who are (S)afe, the (V)ictims and the (M)urderer.
One Piece Characters Timed Minefield (Picture Click)
Click on the correct One Piece characters without getting one wrong or running out of time!
My Hero Academia Class 1-A Logic Puzzle
Can you figure out where each student is?
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stands (Picture Click)
Match the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stands to their name (Picture Click).
First Word Anime Shows
Nothing personal, kid.
Naruto Deaths in Order Minefield
Pick the Naruto deaths in order of occurrence? .
Change a Letter: Anime
This is a formal movement to call Jojo's Bizarre Adventure "Manime."
Dragon Ball Z: Villains Goku Has Never Fought
Can you pick only the characters Goku has never fought in the main's story timeline in Dragon Ball Z*?
Dragon Ball Z Logic Quiz
Name the Dragon Ball Z characters in this logic quiz.
My Hero Academia - Female Characters
Pick these My Hero Academia characters by clicking on the correct image when prompted.
JoJo Stand trivia
Can you name all the JoJo Stands?
Anime by Opening
If you'd like to see more anime quizzes on Sporcle, be sure to favorite this quiz.
Pokémon Logic Puzzle: Gen 1
Can you put the Pokémon in the right squares?
Guess the Anime
Can you guess the anime by the description?
Dragon Ball Z: Goku's Fights in Order
Pick these Goku's fight scenes in the correct order in which they occur in the Dragon Ball Z anime (DBZ).
Let's Play Quidditch: Entertainment
Can you answer the following questions and make your way to the Golden Snitch? (see game notes)
Name The Yaoi Ship
Are you a fujo-fudanshi?
Seven Deadly Sins
Do you know all the Seven Deadly Sins from the anime?
Missing Word: Anime
Name the missing word in each anime title.
Click the Mega-Evolved Pokémon
Pick the Mega Evolutions.
Anime by Rivals
Can you choose the correct anime series based on the rivalry?
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 10-1
Pick the correct options that fit into each category about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
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