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Dragon Ball (Z): Characters Who Died Two or More Times
Pick the characters who died two or more times in the main story timeline* of Dragon Ball and DragonBall Z, and avoid the decoys.
Dragon Ball Z Logic Quiz
Name the Dragon Ball Z characters in this logic quiz.
Anime Pairs - Shared Features (Clickable/Time Pressure)
Can you click on the correct links/chains? How to play: Find two connected anime which match each hint or description.
Anime by Picture
Anime fans, this is your quiz.
Which Animation Studio?
This is the most animated quiz we've seen all day.
Pokemon 7-to-1
Can you match each Pokémon to its correct type?
Criteria Characters: Attack on Titan (SPOILERS)
Pick the AoT characters who fulfill ALL criteria, reducing as you go.
Name the Naruto Characters
Name the Name the Naruto Characters .
Male Anime Characters Speed Minefield (Clickable)
Click on the correct characters without getting a wrong answer!
Name That Anime
This might be the most anime-ated quiz on Sporcle.
Animated Movie Title Match-Up
Cloudy with a Chance of Matching
Anime by opening
Name the Anime by opening.
Dragon Ball Z: Goku Fights in Order
Pick the correct order in which these fights occurred in the DragonBall Z anime*.
Anime quiz
Can you choose the Anime quiz?
Anime Opening Quiz w/ Video
Name the Anime Opening Quiz w/ Video.
Name the anime by its ship
Name the anime by its ship
Anime Openings Quiz
Name the Anime Openings Quiz.
Dragon Ball Z: Z Fighters (Picture Click)
Pick the correct Z Fighter from DragonBall Z by the given character name.
Dragon Ball (Z): Characters killed by Goku (Pic. Click)
Pick the characters in the picture that are killed by Goku in DragonBall and Dragon Ball Z.
Name the Haikyuu!! Characters
Name the name the Haikyuu!! characters.
Attack on Titan Characters Slideshow
Name the Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) characters.
Anime by Opening
If you'd like to see more anime quizzes on Sporcle, be sure to favorite this quiz.
Anime by characters
Name the Anime by characters.
Guess the anime by its bad summary
Guess the anime by its bad summary
Anime by Piano (Video)
Name the anime by opening played in piano.
Anime Characters Minefield (Side Quest: Unlock Chests)
Click on the correct characters by using the hints (names, quotes or descriptions). Please read 'How to Play'.
Animated Movies (A-Z) II
In case you didn't quite learn those ABCs the first time, here's another A-Z quiz to help you out.
Dragon Ball Z: Babidi's Forces (Picture Click)
Pick the correct Babidi's majin from DragonBall Z by the given character name.
Fairy Tail Murder Mystery Easy
Name those who are (S)afe, the (V)ictims and the (M)urderer.
Dragon Ball (Z): Characters killed by Yamcha
Name the characters killed by Yamcha in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.
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