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One-Word Pixar
If you guess Antz or Minions, then we clearly have nothing to talk about.
Pixar Movies by Concept Art
A bunch of computer-animated talking toys? I bet that concept will never take off...
SpongeBob SquarePants Locations
Oh! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Draw a Pixel Picture
Get busy drawing (or clicking...whatever).
30 in 60: Disney Characters
Playing this quiz is like fast-forwarding through all of your favorite childhood friends.
Disney Songs
The hills are alive, with the Sound of....oh, wait, that's not a Disney movie....nevermind.
Disney Animated Movies
Hi-Ho Hi-Ho it's off to Sporcle we go!
Pixar Movies
Good luck spelling the one with the cooking rat!
Animated Movie Taglines
Animated movies are pretty cute, here's to hoping their taglines are even cuter.
Mismatched Cartoon Characters
There are some cartoon crossovers we never want to see.
The Simpsons
For over 20 years, The Simpsons has been a TV and pop culture staple. Here are 63 characters (with icons!) for you to name.
30 in 60: Disney Songs
60 seconds isn't even enough time to sing a single Disney song.
Click the Cuphead Bosses
A good day for a swell bout. Now begin!
Disney Films in 8 Words
We're pretty sure a couple of these describe "The Hangover" as well.
Disney Animals
We were going to include Stitch, but what the heck is that thing?
Complete the Disney Movie Title
If you don't know these, Mickey will be very disappointed.
Pixar 7-to-1
Can you match every Pixar film related answer to the correct category?
The Disney Dictionary
So is the word 'Disney' in the Disney Dictionary? That seems a little meta, right?
Name That Anime
This might be the most anime-ated quiz on Sporcle.
Animated Movies by Food
Drawings that are good enough to eat.
Disney-pedia: The Disney Princesses
Wikipedia knows what's up when it comes to the Disney princesses. Do you?
Guess the Anime
Can you guess the anime by the description?
Superheroes by Browser History
This quiz brings new meaning to the term "World Wide Web."
Dragon Ball (Z/Super): The Goku Quiz
Can you choose the correct facts about Goku from Dragon Ball?
Animated Movie Taglines II
We hope these taglines are as 'animated' as the movies they're for.
Draw A Pixel Picture 11
Can you click on every square that flashes orange to reveal a hidden picture?
A Pokémon Predicament
Team Rocket has altered the DNA of certain Pokémon, causing some of their colors to change. Can you help Professor Oak by identifying the Pokémon that have had their DNA altered (A) from those that were unaffected (U)?
Dragon Ball Super: Tournament of Power Fighters
Pick the Tournament of Power participants in Dragon Ball Super.
Animated TV Shows of the Last 25 Years
We find these answers cartoonish.
Finish the Famous SpongeBob Quote
Pick the last word to these famous quotes from episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants.
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