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6 to 1: Animal
Let's talk about the elephant in the room...
Finish the Animal Name
Can you choose the image that completes the name of each animal?
Mammals 7-to-1
There's nothing fishy about this quiz, but it might get a bit hairy.
Animals A-Z
It's like going to the zoo, only warmer and without the scary penguins.
Pick an Oddly Named Species 1
Pick the rather oddly named species from the photos below.
Evolution of Species
How long will it be until humans evolve to have wings?
Australia 7-to-1
Can you match each Australia-themed answer to the correct category?
Click a Flightless Bird
Of course you can't fly, you're just a fluffy sphere with a beak!
Disney Animals
We were going to include Stitch, but what the heck is that thing?
Pick an Oddly Named Species 2
Can you pick more rather oddly named species from the photos below?
10 to 1: Animals
We would have put an animal pun in here, but we thought no bunny would laugh.
Animal Puns
This quiz is amoosing...
Animal Sorting Blitz
Once you start mixing up cats and horses you know you're in for a world of trouble.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz VI
This quiz offers a surprise with every click!
Animals by Species
For whatever reason the hints on this quiz remind me of the old Johnny Carson - Carnac the Magnificent skit...good times.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz XI
If you think Deadpool is a Premier League team, this might not be the quiz for you.
Animal by Eye Close-Up
Have you ever stared a wild animal directly in the eye? This is probably close enough.
Animals by Socks
This is Animals by Socks, not Animals with Socks.
Elements Zoo
What do you get when chemical symbols come together to form the names of animals? An Elements Zoo, of course!
10 to 1: Animals II
To get 100%, you'll have to be as cunning as a... well, you know.
Animal Logos
This is one of the beast quizzes we've ever seen.
Italian: Bugs and Insects (Clickable)
Pick the English translations of each given insect or invertebrate in Italian.
10 to 1: Whales and Dolphins
Pick the members of each set of a different size.
Cats, Dogs, and Kangaroos!
Oddly, this won't be the first time we've shouted 'Who let all these kangaroos in here?'
Vertebrate or Invertebrate Minefield Blitz
Now here is a quiz with some backbone.
Spanish: Animals
This quiz will come in really handy if you are ever lost in the Madrid Zoo.
Click an Island Giant
Find the correct animal that is part of island gigantism phenomenon to match each description.
Fish or Crustacean?
Can you choose whether the given animal is a fish, or a crustacean?
Click the Correct Animal
Something tells us that wild animals wouldn't like being clicked.
Find the Big 4 Animals
Some of these big 4 animals aren't very big at all.
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